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Swollen legs, rash, recurring - can't diagnose


I have reoccurring symptoms that appear and stays for 2days to a week and then goes away for weeks sometimes months.
I've been to multiple doctors, 2 hospitals where they conducted tests, did a biopsy and a dermatologist.
every visit or test has resulted in: 'We don't know whats wrong"

It always starts like this.
Before I can see visual changes, my legs feel like I have ran a marathon. I feel the threat of cramps looming.
Then within 24hours I get the following symptoms.
- Swollen legs , one leg more severe then the other
- I get red spots all over my legs
- The swelling always only occurs in my legs (not upper body)

If the swelling and red dots are primarily in my legs, my legs feel really heavy.
if the swelling is also on my feet they hurt when I put pressure on them.

I have uploaded a photo unto my profile

Hopefully somebody knows more, because I am getting desperate to find a solution or a diagnosis.
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Have you been bitten by chance by a spider? The venom causes blood clots and swelling. Any marks in your legs from a bite?
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Hello~I am so sorry that you are having these issues. As the above poster said, it could be food or environmental allergies. It could also be a condition called "Candida" I would try an "elimination diet" this is where you start eating one food at a time and then gradually add another and another.

There are lots of sites on Candida, this is a form of yeast infection that starts in the gut but spreads to other areas, it can cause all kinds of symptoms. There is book called "The Yeast Connection" by Dr Crook" it is excellent, I think it can still be obtained from Amazon.

I hope that you find the help that you need. Blessings to you.
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I'm going to check this out because I have the same problem except my rash has spread all over my body and not gone away. It started with swollen feet and ankles and spots around my left ankle. I was very tired all of the time & loss appetite. I ended up losing 25 pounds in one month and a rash all over my body.  That all started last July. I'm much better now and am eating good, but still have the rash. Dr's no help
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What kind of testing have you done besides the biopsy?

What did the biopsy find - nothing at all?

Have you tried tracking foods, activities, etc., that happen before this occurs? Really think of everything - since it's happening only on your legs and feet, think of everything that touches that area. Are you wearing a certain pair of pants? Doing a certain activity? Going to a certain place where you might be driving longer, sitting on a certain chair or couch?

Maybe it's a food you eat. We often think that food allergies have to give full-body responses, but my sister has some food allergies, and she only gets responses on the bottom of her feet.

If they aren't finding something internal, so to speak, look external, and get really creative when you think of possibilities.
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I think your paragraph when you asked if he’s sitting for a long period of time ECT is exactly ( if you read my answer) I’m almost positive,, in my reply. Now I am a former nurse and I tell this not cuz I have “ better” answers but I’ve seen many cases of “ docs saying “ we don’t know”) and you want to shake them and say Well investigate!!! My one specialist even brought his Med school text books to try and find answers… anyhow you had a lot of good points to consider..,
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