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Lymph node swelling

I am seeing my PCP for left neck swelling and extreme fatigue. An ultrasound of my thyroid showed a left nodule that has grown from 0.8, 0.5, 1 cm to 1.1, 0.6, 1 cm in 1 year with now cervical lymphadenopathy. I was sent to an ENT which took 3 weeks. At this time I have had the noticeable left neck/shoulder enlargement for 4 weeks, extreme fatigue and now nausea and some loss of appetite. The ENT started that it could be thyroid cancer however was less likely due to the fatigue and normal thyroid levels and so he was not going to do a biopsy. He also downplayed the nodule and the lymph node enlargement although there is a noticeable lump on my neck/shoulder area as well as left neck enlargement. He said it could be Lyme (I do not go hiking or in the woods, no tick bite, and no bulls eye rash), autoimmune, or lymphoma. All of these are outside his area so sent me back to my PCP. I now have started feeling nodules under my left armpit and my symptoms have gradually gotten worse. Please help!
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Stay strong! I know its hard to wait for the appointment with your PCP, but it's most likely not a malign disease. Also your node as you say has grown 0.3cm at max. That's within the measurement error margin of an ultrasound, which means your thyroid node hasn't grown at all during past year.
Try to be as laid back as your doc. Even if it were a veeryyy slowly growing malignancy, you will have plenty time to worry afterwards. Now the time should be used to think about the health of your teeth. Are they all good? How about your tonsils? And sinuses? Any unusual lumps in your breast?  Do you smoke? How is your digestion? Any allergies? Good luck and get well soon!
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Thank you!
I think the ENT was too laid back regarding my concerns. He checked my ears, nose and mouth/throat and everything there was fine.
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My PCP is concerned given that she has noticed a progression and there is a lump under my left arm. I was 195 lbs. on 9/27 and now 190.8 lbs with nausea. I am scheduled for a stat mammogram and ultrasound as well as a CT of my neck. They are also running a comprehensive CBC.
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How is your health now?.......I just felt a hard movable node 1.0 inch below my left jaw(near the joint) .It doesn't pain.7 days ago I developed swollen gum on the left side(near wisdom teeth) and its still healing.Now I am not sure whether the gum caused the swollen node or the swollen node(if its a bad news) caused the gum to swell.I have appointment after 26 of November  with an ENT.
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