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Can you please help figure out what is wrong with me?

Hello, I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms for the past 10 weeks. It began as a petechial rash on my feet. Then it spread to my legs. On my legs, it was diffuse, just some dots here and there. I also began having very wet, heavy, loose, and fatty stool/diarrhea (which I am still experiencing today). A dermatologist gave me a prednisone pack and the rash cleared. As soon as I stopped taking it appeared again so I was given a longer and higher dosage. Again when I stopped the medication it came back. The rash on my feet started to clear up but I still have random dots on my legs. They pop up, go away, and then new ones will appear. In addition, I somehow keep finding scrapes on my legs that are not actually scrapes because the top skin is not broken, but there is a dark bed line that seems to be beneath. I have also been bruising easily, keep finding small ones on my legs and sometimes my arms. Then I noticed the vascularity of my hands and feet were increasing. Normally in hot water skin pinks up, but suddenly when I would shower my hands and feed would turn red, nothing I have ever experienced before. In addition, I started to experience frequent unprompted nose bleeds.  I am tired to see physicians and them running the same CBC and compliment and telling me it is normal. I know that there are a lot of symptoms would I will take ANY ideas or suggestions on what this could be or any other diagnostic procedure/lab that could be run to help me find out.

Thank you
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What about ezcema or psoriasis?  This sounds like ezcema to me in terms of the rash on your legs. They don't itch though?   There are ezcema creams that do work pretty well.  I have bumps on my arms sometimes (hereditary, I've learned) and the ezcema cream makes them  go away.  I use an Aveeno ezcema balm that you can purchase on amazon.  Since they don't hurt or itch though, I'd also ask your doctor about keratosis pilaris. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/keratosis-pilaris/symptoms-causes/syc-20351149  put that link in your browser and read as it is really helpful.  I think you have some signs of this issue. Important to note it is a variant to normal skin and doesn't hurt you if this is what is going on.  It can happen at any age, so that it is new doesn't rule it out. It's harmless so they normally don't treat it.  

The other issues may be completely unrelated.  The nose bleeds for example can be simply dry air.  And I wonder if some of the other issues are such that you are hyper focusing a bit right now due to worry and anxiety?  
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