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Diziness,nausea,paleness and cold sweat while working out.

Hi,this will be a bit of a text wall but here we go.

I am 20 years old,normal to skinny weight been to gym 4 months now and from that moment I still get the same issues.Doing some cardio and exercises and when I stop for a bit,cold sweat is starting,dizzyness,feeling I will pass out,a "void" in my stomach and nausea.All this while I cant stand up and need to be laying somewhere as I am feeling extreme weakness and being pale white or yellowish(very rare this skin hue).Some times numbness and tingling occurs in my fingers and I feel like having diarreia and I m shaking in my hands.
This was happening at random,once a month  when I wasnt eating something at the morning and staying for a lot of hours without food or when I am standing up and still for 10 minutes to 30  without moving(time varies if I have eaten or not and only occurs once the day it is happening)

Now that I am eating well I havent had a random incident once,although I still dont think I can hold standing up for too much without leaning to something,alhtough I dont remember having any problems walking for hours or standing generally from the moment I started eating well and going to gym.

Thing is now,I discovered that with exercising these symptoms occur everytime I am pushing a little bit or even when I am not and I just get tension build up slowly.I am so many months now in gym,I am kinda fit and I still get these symptoms and it is starting to break me.I am dying everytime I work out and I am not even pushing to 80% of what I am capable of.
Checked my heart,test was good,so was the blood test.
I believe it definately has  psychological origin too,as I am often having mild panic attacs and the cold sweat is appearing,but there are times I havent and it still happens nonetheless.
Thanks for reading,hope you can help.
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Sounds like to me you may be having some blood sugar problems or Carcinogenic Syncope problems. Did you Dr do a glucose test and also a A1c or a tilt table test?
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Look into hypoglycemia.
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forgot to add,symptoms end after a good 10 to 30 minutes with quicker recovery if I eat something
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