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Extreme Itching Throughout Body

Asian Male of 20 years of age.

Symptoms: Extreme itching all over body if exerted in any way. The itching seems to be almost within the skin.

The problem seems to have started around 2 years ago. I would run or excercise and when my body was a little exerted or I sweated I would become very very itchy for about 20 minutes, and then the itchiness would disappear for the rest of the day. Ignored problem is trivial or even a normal symptom of dried skin.

Now: The itchiness seems to have elevated to another level, although it is the same itching, it does NOT go away, and starts with anything as trivial as taking a walk, to even moving my arm or stretching out. It seems to be associated with heat, because if my body is cold, it is not itchy whatsoever.

Tried: dove soap,all types of lotion (seems to make it worse), consumption of large quantities of water (seems to help a little but might be psychological), stopping the eating of fried foods/sodas/etc, even allergy pills and vitamin/nutrition pills. Regular doctor checkups and Dermatologists shrug it off as nothing but a dry skin problem, but this CANNOT be normal.

Time: The itchiness seemed to almost stop at the beginning of summer, but slowly growing it again has reached it's peak at the end of summertime. It is completely ruining my days with endless scratching and embarassment, as well as making it hard to workout/run/ or even socialize.

Please help with this problem, because it is truly ruining my life.

Thank You.
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i decided not to comment but im soo glad i had that idea in the first place to just Google search what disease it was that has been worrying me. my case is no different. i came to Australia just last February to study law at UC and my itchy skin disease started i think last month. anything that can result in bringing sweat to my skin triggers this itchy thing all over my skin. GOD it is soo painful beyond words. i get it all over my body including my head. where ever i am, when it starts i just cant control it, ive been to the doctor trice and they all dont know what it is. i really need help. i wil be making a presentation just this Wednesday and im planing to drink some alcohol before i go so that i will be able to control the pain when it starts because i know in front of people im  definitely gonna panic and then  the sweat will plan on coming and i know it will itch really bad. ive never taken alcohol but i think i really need some before i go for the presentation. i disgrace my self every where . mine is soo itchy i literally take of my shirt anywhere i am to scratch my body and they most awkward part is i also put my hands in my pants too because its very itch . its crazy and its true and please if uve not experienced it, don't think u know what im talking about because ive literally had people tell me they don't think i should be behaving the way i do when it starts, its just too painful to here such comments.
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so many people here suffering from this god awful and mysterious itching! for me it started about two months ago - If you'd asked me a week ago I would have bet my house that it was caused due to Styrofoam or Polyurethane exposure. now I'm not so sure - Is certainly still high on the list but keeping an open mind in relation to diet and potential nerve based/neurological issues that could also be a causing factor.  

I've never in all my life experienced this kind of itching! It feels so unnatural and goes beyond being an itch - It's something I don't feel compelled to scratch though and I have previously experienced hives as well as the kind of itching associated with liver cleansing. I've been practicing Qi Gong for twelve years and must admit have become a little complacent - to a certain extent almost thinking I'm invincible because of my Qi Gong background. because of the Qigong I rarely get colds and feel that I have strong and high energy levels. I've always taken pride in the fact that I rarely feel the need to go to a GP. If memory serves correct prior to all this itching commencing I think the last time I was at a doctors was well over ten years back. anyway I ended up going to a dermatologist and she seemed to suggest that it wouldn't be the Styrofoam creating such problem. I walked out of the doc's office quite skeptical and just felt she was towing the corporate line. I was hell bent on the Styrofoam theory and because the symptoms felt so unnatural and nothing like I'd ever previously experienced - was quite adamant that there was something embedded in my skin - hence these tiny toxic/synthetic particles had to be at fault.

It plays so much on the mind and constantly has me second thinking. at one point I thought it could be mercury poisoning given that I have about 4 mercury fillings which I received back in the 70's as child. I threw my matress/doona/pillows/sheets out in a huff of rage, cursing those that that put me forward to the job. I was holed up at one point in the office of the man that got me the position almost coming to blows because I was hellbent that this last two months of my life being completely turned upside down was all his doing.

I was finding these tiny particles all over my clothing, I'd even (as far as could determine) cross contaminated a new pair of jeans. I wouldn't even have to wear those new jeans or other contaminated clothing - all that was required was to just be near it and I would suddenly feel the itching take over. It is now at the point of me just having to walk into my room, not make contact with anything and I will start to itch. so I'm now sleeping and pretty much living in the living room - so it's not just making life difficult for me but also for the people I live with.

I mentioned to Dermatologist that I wanted to file a work cover/work safety report - and she immediately advised that I don't even bother. explaining that it's so difficult to prove such cases and that the majority of the time the person filing the case ends up losing because of such 'degree of difficulty' to find hard proof. I guess there's so many variables at play it makes sense that it would be a no win scenario.

and I completely hate that whole approach anyway - I'm never even interested in the legal approach as an option. for me to even consider that suggests how much this 'mysterious itch' has me rattled.. I guess I've just never felt as if I'd been slowly poisoned by some invisible monstrosity! surely I couldn't be to blame? It would have to be someone else's fault!  

I would wake in the middle of the night literally as if on fire. eyes burning, skin burning, itch, pins and needle like sensations - as if someone had put sandpaper underneath my dermal layers.. I couldn't understand why there was no redness and why I felt no need to scratch! over two months of this weird arse itching hoodoo voodoo nightmare and not once have I scratched. go figure!

Intuitively I was saying to myself 'it seems toxic' and 'my body definitely wants to rid itself of something' - hence the styrofoam/polyurethane embedded particle theory - as time has progressed the itching on the surface of the skin has become more of an extreme pins and needles deeper into the skin, sometimes creating abdominal pain and definitely feeling as though it or something is attacking my nervous system. I was only at this job for two weeks before I quit and I'm certain that during that period I inhaled these dry foam particles (strange bitter taste in mouth for about two months also). That to me is a concern in itself! even if there was no itching at all - the idea of inhaling synthetic, potentially toxic substances is just a complete and utter absurdity - to think that in 2015 people would still be operating this way in a workplace environment had me completely gobsmacked! anyway I've recently found work again as a freelance photographer - but it of course is bittersweet given that I'm still being held captive by Beelzebub and his evil space dust! I certainly don't want it to interfere with my new work - hopefully I'm able to find a solution ASAP! next in line blood test and a trip to the Acupuncturist - finger's crossed!

anyway rant over.. here's to all that have shared experiences and I sincerely hope that the issue is also resolved for each and everyone one of you  
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My God! I can't believe I am not the only one with this problem. The itching starts if I walk in the sun and get a bit tired, when I am stressed, embarrassed, after a hot bath or when I feel some heat, I have to look for a shade if I am walking or switch on the fan and stay right in front of it if it happens at home and this itching hinders me from doing a lot of things in my life. It doesn't happen to my wife and kid and I thought I was in a world of mine till I found this website. I am really tired of this. I was thinking of going to see a doctor but from all I have read, it is going to be a complete waste of time.
My suggestion is we stay away from hot water for 2 weeks and see if it cools off. Someone told me sometime ago that he had the same problem and when he stopped taking his shower with hot water, it stopped! I thought how can I go on without hot water but now it has come to the point where I have to try it and see. If it works for me, I will come back to testify.
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Oh my gosh. After reading all this, I have to comment. This is such an annoying and mysterious affliction. Here goes.

I'm a 43-yr old mother of 3, half-Asian, living in Holland. Around my 20th (give or take a year), it started, but very light. It's slowly gotten worse over the years. When my body temperature quickly rises (sports, emotional stress like anger or nerves, etc), then the itching starts. First, red blotches, and if I don't stop right away, then it will develop into little bumps that grow and become hives. This is all over my body, and it drives me NUTS!!!! Sometimes, it begins with my hands and feet tingling, burning, and itching on the inside. I will become unreasonably irritable and every little thing that looks dirty or stained, will send me into fits (I'm a natural slob, by the way). The only thing that seems to help is sitting still and getting my body to calm down. Then, it's gone again. After more severe attacks, I'll feel a little chilly and worn out.

This is a real obstacle in my life, and I'm so sick of it. The doctors haven't been much help ("sweat allergy?" Nope. Sorry, that ain't it.) Taking an anti-histamine (Desloratadine) before long bike trips or similar helps minimize it.

A QiGong Master once suggested a Liver/Gall bladder cleansing. After reading all of these posts, I might try it sometime. It supposedly clears the filters and helps allergies to calm down.

I really wish I knew what this is. I hate biking into town and then spending the next 15-30 minutes scratching at my scalp, arms, and torso.

Other info: Holland is temperate. Wet, cold in Fall en Winter, warm and sunny (if we're lucky) in Spring and Summer. Fast metabolism, but I'm sometimes borderline Anemic. Very quickly tired. I don't do sports, for obvious reasons. Although, I did Tai Chi for a while with minimal itch.

So maybe this info is useful to someone. I hope so. And if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thank you and good luck, fellow Itchers.
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Yeah same here when I'm around people and get embarrassed i get itchy and tingly and almost painful all over my body and I can't scratch it all.
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Holy cow, sorry for all the typos.
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