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I've been suffering for four months with some head issue.  Started out with daily headaches, not very bad but there every day.  Went to the doctor who thought was sinus infection and was given antibiodics.  Headache disappeared but weird numbness started on back and side of the head (off and on daily).  Also i had a weird feeling in muscle in my shoulder (same side)...was hard to lift it, almost like it was weak.  Shoulder issue resolved in two or three weeks but numbess kept up along with strange pressure in left side of head (almost like a prickling pressure sensation)  Then for weeks i had really bad tingling, almost felt like there was something under the skin moving...was on both sides off and on but mostly on the left side.  Here i am almost five months later and i still have the weird pressure feeling..i also noticed when i blink my left eye really hard it feels swollen behind there...when chewing i feel pressure on side of the nose and headaches are back (behind the eyes, dull pain although sometimes they get pretty bad) Anyway needless to say i'm getting really scared, imagining the worst and doctor doesn't seem to want to help....what do you think this could be? sinus issues? cancer? I did have a CT scan three months go which was normal supposedly, just had a basic CT scan of my head.  Anyway any help or idea would be greatly appreciated
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she gave me an antibiodic but that's it..i have to take it for 10 days, according to her it was just inflammation...no infection but how can you tell that from a CT scan...can you actually see infection?..... she didn't seem worried at all..she's not the one feeling like this! i'm terrified this will spread to my brain and then i'll have a huge problem!!
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well,as far as the mold,,,usualy they would have to go up the sinuses and get a sample to look at,,,then you would need some heavy meds to clear stuff up,,,,as for what would or could cause the inflamation other then an infection....
irritation!..thats a big one,,,something,,such as the mold irritating,,or other forign material.
or if they are severly dry,,that could cause irritation.
have they not at least given you some different meds to try,,,maby a nasal inhailer,,or anti inflamitory meds?
if it that bad,i go to another doc,,,a decent ear nose and throat doc possibly.
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Ok just came back from the doctors today and she told me that the CT scan they did in October showed inflammation in my max. sinuses.  It must have moved though because now my whole head and face are involved. My next question which i have and she hasn't really answered is how can they tell it's not an infection? she said it isn't and what would cause such inflammation other then an infection? I can literally feel the swelling when i chew or blink my eyes, seems to be mostly on the left side though
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actually all of this started when we had mold in the entrance of our apartment building...how would they test for that though? and the doctor won't send me for an MRI since the CT scan was normal...the feeling behind my eye when i blink is really freaking me out..i'm seeing the doctor on Friday though hopefully she'll investigate more.
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sinus issues are a possibility,
sometimes if there is molds or mildues in the home,we breathe this stuff up out sinusis,and it grows,and we can have all kinds of problems!!!
also,,,the mind is a very strong thing,and sometimes we feel worse the more we dwell on it....not saying your doing this,but it can make you feel worse the more you think of it.
you could also have a herniated disc,or bulging disc thats giving you lots of issues,,it would have to be in the neck,,usualy high up to be causing your problems,but would explain alot of your symptoms.
the tingling,the sore neck,wekness,all can be explained with the neck and vertabre.
numbness also.
if you had an mri,,,they were most likely looking for more serious stuff like MS ,,,witch you would see with white spots on your brain.
it would suck,,,but maby see about getting a spinal tap,,,this would tall them alot,as far as elinanating the possibilitys of cancer,and infection such as menengitis.
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