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Huge list of symptoms caused by an Arrhythmia?

Over the past year and a half, I have had an absolutely massive list of symptoms which include, but is not limited to the following:

Numbness accross my entire chest and towards my left arm
Numbness in one side of the head
Heart palpitations
Pressure feeling in the back of the head and neck
Panic Feelings
Adrenaline Rushes
Panic Attacks
Tingling in left arm
Random twitching which comes and goes
Seeing black dots in the eyes
Symptoms of TMJ
Light Headedness

I went for a Head MRI which came back clear about 5 months ago, and recently I had a chest x-ray and three heart traces. The heart traces showed a heart arrhythmia, and also said that ti showed signs of "LVH". I am going to see a cardiologist in just under a week and was wondering if this problem could be what has been causing all of my symptoms? I am a 17 year old male weighing roughly 127 Pounds, 5ft 4 inches tall and I go to the gym and keep fit on a regular basis. What could this be and is it what has been causing my symptoms?
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There is no evidence whatsoever from what you say that your problems are "caused by the equipment", whatever that means. There is no such thing as "building tenacity and reflective flexibility for the helping part".

Clearly you have a neurological problem of unknown etiology. I would try to seek an evaluation at a good teaching hospital. It sounds like the physicians are doing a good job in trying to find out what is wrong. Medicine is an art and these things take time. Sometimes there is no answer.

Probably you should get a holter and a stress EKG, and continue with a neurologist to look for an answer. In addition to the MRI I would consider an MRA, which evaluates blood vessels.
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It's probably the equipment. When one is between two or more stages of healthy state, these things can happen. Try to build more tenacity and reflective flexibility for the helping part.
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