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I don't know what's wrong with me.


My name is Mark.  I am 19 years old, and for the past five months I have been suffering from several physical symptoms (different ones from time to time, but always symptomatic).  These would include:

heart palpitations
tachycardia, bradycardia
chest pains (upper, lower, ribs)
tinnitus (ear ringing, occurs somedays several times a day)
headaches (from migraines to cluster headaches)
eye - pain, dilation, double vision, vertigo
neck/jaw pain
lower back pain
spasms/pain over body

This all first started when I smoked marijuana (it was not laced, I assure you.), in which I started panicking from a racing heart and chest pains.  The next day - week, I had chest pain and heart racing, etc.  I saw my first doctor a couple days later, which would be the first of many visits to different hospitals/dr. appts. for a couple months.  My first diagnosis was anxiety, and so they put me on anti-anxiety medicine, which made it worse.  

Then, I would a week later go to the ER with heart racing, chest pain, very disoriented.  They did a few tests: lung x-ray (FINE), bloodwork (FINE), EKG (I would late be diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse, nothing serious). The doctor at the ER recommended that I get an echocardiogram done, and so I did (which the results came back FINE, once again.). They put me on a beta-blocker, which helped the symptoms somewhat, and ativan.  

My mother's doctor was an endocrinologist, so I visited him next.  He did even more tests: glucose test (NO DIABETES), further bloodwork including hormones/lipids/etc. (not thyroid problems, all was fine EXCEPT low vitamin D and serotonin/dopamine levels... took supplement for vita D), another EKG.  

The last doctor I visited was the cardiologist, in which I was given a stress test, and my heart was healthy.

Lifestyle: I am a rather healthy eater, being that I have Celiac Disease, my diet is rather narrowed.  I used to do cross-country and track in high school, but it has been about a year since I have exercised regularly.  I used to party a decent amount, but I don't do that anymore. I do believe that I have high-level anxiety and depression, but I don't know if that's what all is wrong.  Please Help!
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sounds like you're getting hit pretty hard, from lots of different directions!
Anxiety can play tricks with you, so that may be something to look into further. Is it possible you had a panic attack when you smoked the marijuana? Sounds like it, but why were/are you so nervous? Just some food for thought
Your 'celiac diet' may be partly to blame for the lower serotonin levels, so talk to your primary dr about those test results (dopamine/seratonin) as well. There are meds to help you with both anxiety and low seratonin levels.
And low dopamine-another reason to talk to dr about possibly a new med (there are lots out there, it may take awhile before you find the right one).
Vitamin D supplement-you may need more than once, you may need to take semi-regularly for a bit
Also, it kinda seems like since high school, which was very active, you've slowed down, WAY down. Cross-country and track are no joke! It's possible your body isn't liking the 'withdrawal' of natural stimulant it was getting from that intense exercise regiment. Your muscles, heart, brain, mood all adjusted to what you were doing in high school and to suddenly stop it may cause it to 'act out' a bit. Even if you don't return to running, try engaging in some form of physical activity-tennis, swimming, basketball, frisbee golf-a little at a time to build back up your tolerance, and see if that helps at least a little!
Best wishes!
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I think that smoking did cause me to have a panic attack, and I think that a lot of this is from anxiety, and that I am making the situation much worse because I am perpetually afraid of something potentially being wrong with me.  My fear fuels my anxiety.  

I was taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D twice a week for about 5 weeks. I think that it helped somewhat with my pains, but I still was having a lot of symptoms.

I am trying to exercise every day, but it is challenging... literally, I ran on the treadmill for an hour the day before this all started happening. It makes it hard for me to believe that this is from my lack of exercise, but I think it is more that than I think.

I cannot stop thinking and worry a lot.  I am trying to see a therapist, and I think that will help me relax... I am trying to find things that do relax me, but those things seem to be numbered these days.
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To be blunt, I believe that you might have a case of hypochondria induced by your high level of anxiety. You should ask yourself if its normal to be taking your heart rate so often as to notice what i imagine are just slight and very normal aberrations in cardiac rhythm. To me it seems like you're focusing your anxiety back on yourself, and therefore becoming hyper aware of any little twinge or abnormality becoming ever more anxious in the process. The only symptoms that don't seem to fit my profile are the ones pertaining to the eye. Diplopia is a symptom that shouldn't be ignored and you should focus more on that one problem alone.
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Who did you smoke with? where did you buy it from? did you share the joint with someone else?

Your symptoms have nothing to do with Anxiety, rather anxiety is a consequence of your general health status.

whoever put you on anti-anxiety pills probably needs a shot of anti-psychotic.

Most likely your problem is acquired, you could have caught an infection.

You need to see a Neurologist preferably in a large hospital, with no rush, but as soon as you can. Put your memories together see if you remember of any sources of infection , bleeding wounds, contact with insects. drug addicts are more likely to develop neurological infections.

If it wasn't an infection in any case your symptoms so far a Neurological, not psychological, endocrin, cardiac.
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Yeah it definitely sounds like anxiety/stress are playing a major role.  Anything you can do to relax and let go of worry/stress (which I understand can be really hard to do) will absolutely make a difference. Stress/anxiety can wreak havoc on your body physically, not just mentally, so reducing it even just a little will have a noticeable positive effect. Finding a therapist/counselor is a great idea (and while you're waiting-find a good friend to vent to, unwind, someone who helps you de-stress, and puts you at ease). Try talking to your doctor also about a referral, for the anxiety/depression-may get you there faster, and will be covered by insurance! Best wishes for your peace of mind and  body!
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