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I have weakness on the right side from the waist up when working out

I benched on a flat bench a year ago and felt a pull from my sternum to the armpit, maybe the end of the pec major. I kept working out for 2 months and stopped when I couldnt go up in weight, my chest was rock hard, and my right ribs would hurt to breath in cold air. Other symptoms included feeling a nerve stretch when raising arm all the way up and a big knot on my collar bone, I had that same kind of knot on the right side of the stem of my neck as well where it felt like it was swollen. 4 months later I tried pt for a month it did nothing.  one month after showed a labral tear in the rear bottom side and a cyst. I am trying to workout again but it hurts to curl. It feels like my nerves are stretching too much at full extension. My armpit burns/stings when I raise my hand all the way up or side plank. I can do maybe 5-10 less reps on my right side than my left. My left arm is clearly more vascular. The type of painful nerve stretch feel worse when I do hammer curls. Muscles between my spine and scapula (rhomboids/lats/traps?) are always much tighter and sore for longer periods. My ribs specifically lats/serratus still hurt especially when I wake up. It has been a year and nobody can fix me so any suggestions will help.
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