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I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, but more sick and tired of being told there is nothing wrong with me.   I have had every test possible, for all the symtoms I give to Dr., even a body scan....only to be told...THERES NOTHING WRONG, except for a few minor things that they did find....    Mitro Prolapse (put on metoprol so I wouldn't feel my heart skip)....   Vitorin...(Tri's are 345 ...and just don't want to come down ...all the others are in good range).
Priosec....(Took a test with electricifed egg and found I have slow gut).     I have a 7cm Kidney stone...(told to watch it...??).  I'm HEALTHY THEY SAY.....  Then why do I still hurt, get dizzy, have electirc jolts go through my body sometimes, Tired, can only sleetp 2 hours at a time....   SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......   and its like it only comes in waves...usually when the weather changes ...then when it evens out...I'm fine again.   any clues?  Please...help.   I do smoke!     I take Vit E, D, COD LIVER OIL, ASPRIN, Q10, C....    
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I would try a second doctor it would mean more test but maybe they missed someting. I have similiar problems and all my doctors say its stress and anxiety.
I really get sick of hearing that. good luck let me know how you make out.
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Sound similiar to what some of my family members have experienced and even some of what I experience with fibromyalgia.  You said they've tested everything and I suppose that includes MS?  MS is a tough one to diagnose.  Have you changed doctors or seen a neurologist?  

Good luck!!!!
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