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It's hard to not know what's wrong

It sure isn't easy to be sick and have no idea what's wrong. I've been sick for three months. Very dark circles, bags under eyes, constant ringing in ears, sore neck, stomach pains and cramps, aching legs, swollen calf, muscle spasms, muscle twitches, fatigue, very dry mouth, thirst, occasional diarrhea, burning chest, heart palpitations, anxiety, panic, nightmares, paranoia, brain fog, etc. I have had many tests run and everything came back "normal". Although, I did get the reports from the ER and I noticed that the doctor reported "Nystagmus". I feel that is something that should help them diagnose me, but they seem to be ignoring it.

I have spent the last few months doing research on the internet trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I haven't had a lot of success with it. I am not getting better, and I can't figure out what's wrong, or find a doctor who can figure out what's wrong. About a month or a month and a half ago, my adult son who lives in the home with me, also started getting symptoms. He has dark circles, he's pale, his joints ache, he has a rash on his face. It looks like little pimples, but it's not. He also has irritability and occasional rage, which is out of character for him.

The only things I can come up with that could be wrong with us are Lyme disease or black mold exposure. It is not uncommon for entire families to get Lyme disease, and less than 50% get a rash. It is a possibility. Many of the symptoms fit. Once my son got symptoms, I realized that it could very likely be something in our home. We have no gas appliances, everything is electric, so it can't be carbon monoxide. The only other thing that I can think of that could be a possibility is black mold exposure. I know that can cause many health issues and can be very serious. Does anyone know of anything else inside the home that can cause health issues?

I have decided to leave the home for a few days to see if mine and my son's symptoms improve. Like I said, it has been three months for me and nothing has improved at all. I have to try something. Can't just sit around not knowing if this is going to go away on its own. If it is some kind of toxin in our home, we need to remove ourselves from it immediately.

My question to anyone who might know, is if it IS something in our home causing this illness, how long would we have to leave for to see some improvement? If I book a hotel room for three nights, is that long enough? I know we won't be completely recovered in that amount of time, but will we be able to see at least a little bit of improvement so we can know it is something in our home?

I'm sorry this is so long. I appreciate any help or advice someone can offer. Thank you and God bless
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When I first started reading your list of symptoms, I thought you could have fibro. Then as I read on and saw that your son has it too, I wasn't so sure. How long have you lived in your home? It sure could be something in the house and I hope you find out what is going on. If you are leaving it, make sure to drink lots of water to help flush out your system. Hopefully, you will start to feel better in a few days. Please keep us posted.
Good luck and God Bless.
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If there is something, doctors don't know, what is going on, they say that immune system is not good.
From other side is also Thyroid that makes lots of problems, everywhere.

There is also some kind of food that makes problems.
Did you start with some kind of diet few months ago?
Here are certain people they come to the house and look, what is wrong in the house: toxins and something else unhealthy.

Wish you good luck, because I know what means to have pains all over, without to know, where they come from. In the last year I come slowly to myself, as I know more than before. But now is a bit toooo late.

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I think that you have first to find somebody to do research of your house (inside and outside).
Here are special people for that. We call them Radiesthesist. They are almost the same as the people searching water in desert or oil on some fields.

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