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Miscarriage loss and pain

Hi ladies, last night I went into hospital and was told I was having a threatened miscarriage  as I was having the most painful cramps and some bleeding. They did an ultrasound twice and found a heartbeat but unfortunately this morning I had lost my little one. I was 6 weeks. The pain I feel is both emotional and very physical. This was our first pregnancy so I'm just a little worried as to what I'm feeling right now. I understand the pain should be normal my bleeding is at moderate but read that the pain is lower abdominal and well my pain seems to be all over like the feeling of a really full tummy and a stitch. The midwives assured me that I had passed all tissue out naturally but just a little concerned as to the pain I'm getting it's not like period pain. Anyway if anyone can shed some light on this that would be great. Peace love harmony x  
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Very sorry to hear of your loss. I am not a qualified oBGYN but I did experience more severe cramping with a 6 week miscarriage than normally associated with a period.  You also may be feeling more paid due to the medication they provided which usually causes your uterus to contract harder. If the pain continues you may need a D&C this is usually done with an OBGYN. Since you're only 24-48 hours post miscarriage I would expect you to feel pain right now. At least I felt the most pain the first 3 days into my miscarriage.  You do need to visit an OBGYN regardless at some point for follow up.  Ask the OBGYN if she/he will be willing to check you for MHTFR blood clotting disorder (I think that is what its called) or any other screening. Though to be honest miscarriages are normal. If something goes wrong the body naturally expells the pregnancy once it detects the fetus is not viable. To prevent further heartache though I would visit an OBGYN if I were you for some compassionate care and possible answers.  If your pain is significantly unbearable ask for some pain medication. I know it hurts a lot those first few days (body and heart)!!! hugs to you.
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Sorry to hear that your pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

I too experienced this at the 6 week stage and was in extreme pain and tolerable pains for a few days.  In my case I did not know I was pregnant at and only found out when the foetus was aborted.

I would suggest you speak with the doctor.  
Although the midwives had said that you have passed all tissue, I would still speak with the doctor for your own peace of mind if nothing else.

My doctor did give me tablet medication to clear away any debris after I miscarried.  

Emotionally, even with medication it took me a whole year to come to terms with it.  

Do not blame yourself for the miscarriage, these things do happen.  My doctor told me that nature has its way.  

Wishing you the best and a strong pregnancy next time round.

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I'm not qualified to answer your question, but I'm so sorry for your loss. I've suffered from miscarriages too, so I know what you're going through. *prayers and hugs*
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