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Multiple Symptoms

Hi all, any help would be appreciated, for the past 4 months I have had the following problems, they have not gone away and are still with me today;

- Unusual Sores on the side of my throat (4-6 of them)
- Constant eye pressure & eye pain (it hurts to even look at anything)
- constantly feeling hot all the time (no high temperature)

I’ve had an eye test, my eyes are completely fine according to the opticians, I’ve been to my doctors they can’t seem to find anything wrong but the problems are still persisting.

Has anyone ever had anything like this before? I’ve tried every medication under the sun, (paracetamol, ibuprofen, syndol) but it doesn’t help one bit at all.
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Did they swab your throat?  They need to do that.   That's usually a good way to know what is going on.  Different things can cause those from a virus, strep throat, even hpv or herpes.  Right?  You need to get that swabbed.  You've had your eyes checked.  This is pain behind your eyes?  could that be your sinuses?  Ibuprofen does not help?  Not at all?  That your vision and ocular pressure are good should be a relief.  But you need to rule out a virus, find out what is going on with your throat by swabbing the sores and rule out things like epstein barr.  https://www.cdc.gov/epstein-barr/about-ebv.html
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Have you seen an Opthomologist to check for pressure in the optic nerves?
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1. Please describe the sores in your oral cavity. Please be as descriptive as possible. How long have they been present? Do they come and go or are they constant? Does anything you eat or experience (e.g. emotion) make them worse or better?
PLEASE fully describe the pressure you feel in your eyes - e.g. where in the eye (front chamber, surface, rear chamber), is it constant, variable, brought on by, lessened by anything?
Have you ever suffered from a GAD? (General Anxiety Disorder - includes depression  and other mental issues)
In general would you say your previous medical history was excellent to very poor - please rate it. What age group are you in and if I may ask what ethnicity.

I cannot give you causes of your symptoms or suggest treatment options since I have not examined you physically and any remote diagnosis would be both useless and  illegal. but I can say that I am a retired (English) medical doctor and dental surgeon and may be able to offer you some observations that you may find useful or calming.
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