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Newcomer here: strange symptoms for three weeks (bone pain?)

Hello. I am a 17 year old female. I've been struggling with dysmenorrhea for 4 years now, but I've been (partially) managing it with birth control pills (they started to lose complete effect as of last year). The pains I'm very familiar with include lower back pain, fatigue, rectal/bladder pain usually only during my period, and of course, horrible cramps. I haven't experienced much else.  

Things have begun to change these past three weeks though. It started with a few days of nausea and extreme fatigue (only in the mornings between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, for about 1-2 hours). After that came headaches. I think they were probably stress related, but it was strange because I've never had headaches before in my life. They were all over my head, ranging from behind the eyes to the back of the scalp. After that, I had chest pains for a few days. These were  very disconcerting. They would range from sharp, sharp pricks to deep, aching pain, sometimes random, sometimes worse when I breathed too deeply or bent around. The pain was definitely uncomfortable, but nothing compared to my severe cramps, so I dealt with it.

Sometime around the two week mark, I began having some muscle pain. I had achiness in my upper back, something that's also never happened to me (it's always exclusively been in the lower back, never in the middle back). Things have slowly gotten worse over the days, and now it feels like I'm having bone pain: the pain is very deep, it doesn't feel like it's in my muscles at all. It's worse in my left arm. That's where I've been having the most problems. I have strong achiness in my upper arm, and a more sharp ache in my lower arm along the outer bone. I have not had much pain in my right arm.

In addition to this, I've had bursts of shin splint-like pain, very sharp, on the shinbones that are not related to injury. I don't play sports, so I know it isn't a result of working out too much. I've also had random, deep pains in my thighs, and have had discomfort in my ankles, knees, and wrists. The joint problems are more recent. Another strange side effect I've noticed are these weird muscle twitches, that also feel rather deep inside. They aren't too common though, and if they happen, they happen in my thighs or back.

I'm not sure what to think of this. As I said before, the pain is very disconcerting and worrisome, but I haven't reacted too strongly because I'm used to dealing with SEVERE pain from my menstrual problems, and this pain (brief as it is) doesn't even compare. I've become very desensitized. The pain I feel now is very noticeable nonetheless. It's pulsing, not constant, coming in sharp or dull little waves and pangs, never lasting for more than a couple of seconds. The pains are for more frequent and close together at nighttime. As I said before, it isn't a constant thing, but it happens often enough to warrant worry.

When I think hard about all of this, it seems silly, like I'm being a hypochondriac. I've had a lot of anxiety in my life lately, and these past three weeks have triggered a hypochondriasis episode I didn't think possible (I've never worried about my health like this). I suppose it's because these pains are all very unfamiliar to me. I've had somewhat irrational fears, including everything from a bone tumor to some sort of blood disease. I have had grandparents on both sides who had blood diseases (lymphoma I think for one, lymphoma I'm sure for the other), and one died from the disease.

Thanks for any advice and information. I've become a bit numb to the whole situation after doing my fair share of health related searches. I'd really like to believe this is nothing, but I simply don't feel comfortable ignoring these symptoms - that's where people run into trouble. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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Anxiety can exacerbate pain. This sounds like nerve pain though. Have you had your B12 levels checked recently? Is there any MS in your family?
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No, there isn't a history of MS in my family at all. I don't think I've ever had my B-12 levels checked, but I take multivitamins that include B-12
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Also, on the menstrual side of things, have you been checked for endometriosis?
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No, I haven't. To be diagnosed requires laparoscopic surgery (there is no other way to find out). My doctor is hesitant to recommend surgery for me, because I'm so young, but endometriosis is strongly suspected. I don't see how my endo would cause so many new, strange symptoms though.
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My gyno suspects I have it but I didn't want the diagnostic surgery. The endometrial tissue can attach to any of your abdominal structures and cause many symptoms. The back pain you speak of at the two week mark could be ovulation pain (fits time wise). You could have a nerve impingement somewhere in the spine causing your peripheral symptoms. Without appropriate tests it's hard to tell if all your symptoms are connected or are separate issues. I understand how you feel though. With Sterno-Clavicular Hyperostosis, nerve pain and possible endometriosis, I have constant pain and know how draining/oppressive it can be so I do hope you can get to the bottom of it all.
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Hello Liv! I just wanted to make a couple of comments. You may want to post in one of the Spinal Communities to possibly get more responses. It does sound like a nerve issue. I am a Surgical First Assistant and have assisted on thousands (25+ years) of Laparoscopic Procedures, so if you have any questions there please feel free to ask. Endometriosis looks like small black dots (about the size of pencil lead) on the surface of the internal structures (uterus, bowel, ovaries, etc..). Please consult a physician as I can only give you my opinion(s) online. I am normally checking the Orthopedic Community because I am the Leader there. P.S. Bone does not have any "feelings", it's the surrounding tissues that cause the pain. Have a great day!  JD1963
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Hi my gyno suspects I have endometriosis and I can tell you a lot of our symptoms and even other problems like pain, nausea, and feeling very fatigued are very similar. I'm almost 25 I wish I would have known sooner, there's wonderful women in the endometriosis community that have helped me so much, you should post there. I am looking into raising money so I can have the surgery. & about the other issues Im waiting for a referral to a neurologist that accepts my insurance. I have read that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome among others are more common in women with endo so maybe its something along those lines. If you need someone to talk to who can relate I am here for you(:
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It sounds like muscle spasms like I get due to stress. However my nephew complained of similar symptoms and had leukemia. Not to scare you but your symptoms could be unrelated so you should get to a doctor.
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My spasms flair up also because i do have ms and there is not a family history either. Just get to a doc.
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