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Numbness and Pain, but not carpal tunnel?

I have been having some symptoms that dont seem to add up.
- I have been getting numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers, especially my pinky and ring fingers.

- I have been getting extremely intense pain in my arms, from the top of my deltoid to about the middle of my forearms.

-i have restricted mobility of my hands, I cannot squeeze hard or I get an electric jolt in the hand. It is also difficult to raise my arms.

-these symptoms are in BOTH arms, not just one. They are fairly equal in pain, and the pain usually fires up to its worst when i use the arms, ir quickly grab a rail when I trip, or evengrab my dofs collar.

*most importantly yeah, my neurologist dr said carpal tunnel, but it doesnt really make sense with some of the other symptoms im having. Specifically, my ring and pinky being numb and tingling constantly (my understanding is carpal tunnel is numbness in thumb, pointer, and middle finfers), as well as intense pain on the outside of my forearm (i believe carpal tunnel should only cause pain on the inside of forearm, where for me, it as not as intense on the inner forearm)i So, i have been to 3 drs,all of them have said different things. But i have had 4 ruptured discs in my lumbar spine for 5 years, and sciatica, and this arm pain trumps that back pain, no question.
** last thing, sorry for the novel, i had an mri and the ER doc said he didnt see anything, but that he thinks its thoracic outlet, but mri was only cervical so we dont know for sure. I had the test with needles in the nerves and electric pulses sent through them, my neutologist didnt say much about the results, other than severe carpal tunnel in the right hand and moderate in the left.

** i told my neurologist my mom has 4 autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, and that she has fibromyalgia. His response was the statistical probability was 1-20 have carpal tunnel and 1-2300 have rheumatoid arthritis, so its more likely its carpal tunnel. He never once looked at or touched my hands or arms.

Im 26, male, weigh 215lbs and am 6ft tall. I have had chronic migraines since 1st grade. Also, my sciatica seems to be a little worse since these symptoms started.

Medications i currently take are gabapentin for the sciatica and migraines, adderall, zomig (zomitriptan) as needed for migraine.

Any help would be amazing, I am a loan and investment officer for a credit union, i type all day but cannot type much withoutbreaks, i am just desperate for anything to help, and I DO NOTwant to follow my neurologists recommendation of surgery for carpal unless I know for sure that is the problem. Thanks!
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Hi Nate_F, I too have severe carpal tunnel in both my hands, as well as, basically the same issues as you in both my hands and my arms.  My pain is also more prevalent on the pinky and ring finger, and the outside portion of my arm than it is on the thumb part, and inside areas of my hand.  I also experience pain all the way across my wrist area, and across the upper joints in my fingers.

My dominate hand and arm pain are worse than my non dominate side, but I suspect that is merely because I use that hand/arm more often. I am constantly dropping everything I attempt to pick up because my hand has little to no ability to grip items.  I, like you, have many, many, other medical issues too including neck, and back issues. I also have fibromyalgia.  

I have had surgery on my dominate hand for the carpal tunnel, but it didn't seem to help my hand pain much at all, and didn't touch my arm pain. I have also had steroid injections in my hand, as well as my shoulder, on my dominate side which only helped for a few hours until the numbness wore off.  Yet appears that the pain in both only continues to get worse, and worse.  I wear a doctor prescribed brace on my hand and wrist at night, but really can't tell that it helps much, if any, either.

The things that help my pain the most seems to be Voltaren Gel (which is fairly expensive even with insurance payment, but you only use a small amount on the area that's causing you the most pain). Taking Aleve- AKA Naproxen sodium, seems to help my hand and arm pain more than my Norco, or the Dilaudid and bupivacaine that I have in my implanted pain pump.  

I also purchased a few different kinds of compression gloves, and compression sleeves off Ebay that seems to help my hand and arm pain some too.  





In the last one above if you don't like the thumb hole in it and want it to stop at the wrist just type in Arm Compression Sleeves and other ones will come up without the thumb hole.  Also if your arms are big and you don't want them fitting as tight you can always buy the 20-30mmhg compression socks-(either knee high or thigh high depending on how far up the arm you want them to come up), and if they have the feet in them just cut the toe open and wear them on your arms instead.  

I personally think that my issue has actually switch from the mere severe carpal tunnel to CRPS ( Complex regional pain syndrome), but I don't have a definitive diagnoses that that is what has occurred.  But with the amount of pain I experience 24/7 and with it just getting worse and worse, I think there is something else going on too.  

Anyway, I guess that about covers it.  I hope my info is able to help you get some pain relief. Good Luck and I hope you have a Wonderful and Pain Free Day!!!

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-Get voice to text and voice command software, so you don't need to type as much.

-Do a genetic profile test, but only for the gene mutations*
which can be manipulated with epigenetics.

I think there might be a strong genetic component to your issues.

You could have either a vitamin D deficiency** or a functional  vitamin D deficiency - which would not show up as such, due to vitamin D resistance (VDR)- among other deficiencies.
VDR causes are VDR gene polymorphism, high or low cortisol, obesity, fat/lipids impaired metabolism, cholesterol deficiency, very low fat diet
Suspect are B12 methylocobalamin and methylfolate, which also happen to be involved with "functional" deficiencies, despite normal labs of their respective unmethylated forms!
Should this be the case indeed, it would confirm the genetic connection suspicion, at least part of it.

Once tall this is ruled out or in, then other co-factors can investigated.
What is being proposed to you is a shot in the dark.

Personally, I would not opt for the carpal tunnel surgery at this time.

There's no clear evidence of anything specific and your case points to something underlying and undiagnosed
or simply missed.

*Genetic mutations don't necessarily all  become genetic defects, without the presence of  factors, such as heavy metals toxicity, stress & trauma, deficiencies, nutrition,
viral/fungal/bacterial load etc.

** A vitamin D deficiency would lead to impaired calcium
metabolism, causing many unwanted effects.

Let us know how  things work out for you.
If you have any questions, just post again anytime.

Best wishes,
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