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Random positionnal-ish dizziness and random swaying-ish imbalance

Hello there!

I seem to be a puzzle for doctors... Or maybe for myself.

I'm a 32 years old woman with a VERY long history of HIGH anxiety... Like as long as I can remember. Always anxious of dying. I have been diagnosed psychotic although it may not be entirely true. I've spent my life suffering from psychosomatic symptoms: fake stroke, fake heart attack, stomach cancer, back issues... The list is endless and it's always been in my head, one toy after the other.

Latest toy: dizziness and imbalance for four months. I'll be short and brief.

Start: Mid-april, what was diagnosed (without tests) as BPPV. Last for a day: I felt non-vertiginous dizziness when I turned my head left, and my body felt attracted to the right. It'd stop when I sit and disappeared over night.

It slowly came back and by mid-june I did tests and movements for treating left ear BPPV. I had an immediate reaction. Things were temporarily worse.Now it's

- Dizziness: non-vertiginous, usually associated with random head or neck movements. Ever changing intensity, and is really totally random. It may feel as my head has to catch up with my eyes, or a bolt of electricity somewhere in my head, or pressure, or tickle, or just off or weird, or detached from this world. Sometimes it's an ongoing feeling and it just feels like I'm sleepy or tired. Better when I sleep: I actually wake up at night and notice I don't feel anything weird and start turning my head left and right, half-asleep, all joyful it feels normal. I usually feel worse in the morning.
Overall, my dizziness is a lot weaker and more random than what it used to be.

Imbalance: It's mostly swaying or veering a little on the side. Totally random, no pattern at all. Sometimes I feel attracted to the let, or the right, always for half a second. I veer here and there. May be worse when I turn my head, or when I put on shoes or take my shower. I am definitely less well balanced but it's barely noticeable. People actually don't see anything.
Thing is: it's a LOT worse at night, like when I wake up to go the the toilets. I may wobble a lot, hang on walls... Or just I sway. Darkness does play a small part.

Exercising can either make me feel a LOT better or a LOT worse.

Interesting fact: I was feeling better lately but a few days ago I rolled my neck and got vertiginous dizzy FAST... And now my symptoms are worse like what ai describe.

My legs and feet are sore and weak, I'm tense to the point I shiver and have brain-freeze like headaches.

I'm told it's a minor inner ear problem and a lot of anxiety. I'm positive it's a brain tumor and I'm on my way to hell. Any input please?
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Hello~I think a chiropractor would benefit you a great deal. It appears to me that you have some pinched nerves and some misaligned vertebrae, this will definitely cause the symptoms you are having. He/she will take some x-rays, read them, and then discuss the findings with you. After a few adjustments, you should start to feel lots better.

I am prone to anxiety, and when I need my neck adjusted, it is worse, but after, I feel so much better.
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