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Sensitivity to Cold AND Heat

I've been trying to search for a while now about my symptoms. It seems as if hypothyroidism is all about sensitivity to heat and hypothyroidism is all about the cold. Well, I have both sensitivity issues I think.

I'm skinny, and I've always blamed this on how I'm just skinny and kind of short. Well, during the winter, everything is absolutely freezing! Gloves don't help at all for me, it's literally just a small woven barrier and traps in no heat most of the time. Same with jackets and sweaters. One time I was coming home with a friend I was babysitting and on my walk there one of my hands got very cold very quickly. I had it in my pocket, which was also cold, and I was wearing gloves, and the gloves were cold. Wind blowing, almost about to snow. That's all I remember as it was about four years ago. I entered the house, took off my gloves and felt how cold my hands were and how I couldn't feel anything in one hand. That hand took a lot longer than the other to recover. I don't remember if I saw any blue or anything. If I did I'd probably still remember. I just remember being concerned about it but I let it warm back up and it was fine.

If I'm in a building for a couple of hours and come outside, and then a winter breeze blows through me, all my heat goes with it. All that stored in heat I made in that building just flies away immediately and I have no chance of getting it back.

Today I made two 2% agarose gels in my laboratory class. To do that, you basically start off making a liquid solution and you microwave it to make the agarose powder dissolve and the liquid becomes clear. It's pretty darn hot when it's done and you let it cool on your desk. Well, the liquid is meant to be poured into these cases that create your gels as it starts to become a solid. I tried to pick the flask up when my partner said it was good to hold now. I couldn't hold that thing at all. I tried an oven mitt but the fingers were too thick and it would pour onto the thing so she had to pour it in the cases for me. It wasn't steaming anymore but I still couldn't handle it. (At least the gels came out perfect!)

Another example is how my mom washes her dishes. The water comes out very hot, almost to the point of continuous steaming and yet she goes through with it like it's nothing. I can't put my hand or even a finger in there for more than one second! It's unbearable. Let's say I'm cooking dinner for myself over a stove. If I try to put a hand over the pan for more than a couple of seconds my hand will start to feel like it's burning up real bad (and my hand isn't close to the pan at all, just trying to feel the heat as at the time I was getting curious about my symptoms).

I can't seem to find a happy medium most of the time. I'm always too hot or too cold whether it's my overall body or just my hands or feet. My hands and feet never feel too hot in the middle of summer, it's more of just the whole water thing, however in the winter they can feel way too cold. Now that it's becoming winter, I can't stop feeling cold, even if I'm under the blankets of my bed. I wake up cold and uncomfortable. I feel fatigued and I'm getting more and more stressed out and maybe even on the brink of depression. I can't seem to pull myself together when I'm sitting around alone and thinking by myself. I feel terribly unbalanced and the whole hot/cold issue has been around for as long as I remember... I can't pinpoint a year that I feel like it started anywhere or maybe I had the issue my whole life.

I also always feel tired, like I want to take naps in the middle of the day. I can't focus very well in one of my classes that ends at 9:45 PM. This week's class I just couldn't focus at all. Nothing was making sense, I couldn't understand the material and I would blank out of what he would be talking about. I never take naps because as soon as I get home I don't feel it anymore, that being because I force myself to walk a while before I head home. Overall I don't have a hard time sleeping, I just feel tired, exhausted. I'm easily exhausted as soon as I start walking up some stairs. I feel like I'm getting better at this, though, as I never bother to take the elevator.
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Can't seem to edit but I forgot another thing. I can't hold a soda can for very long. I love orange fanta and whenever I make lunch, get one out of the fridge and head upstairs, I always have to rotate between fingers and spots on my palm just to bear with the cold. I don't know. It seems like no one else finds this as an issue.
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Sensitivity to temperature is a listed possible symptom of peripheral neuropathy. The causes of peripheral neuropathy are very long however (Wikipedia has a long list of possible causes).
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