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Swollen Lymphnodes sore throt fatigue

Hi. 5 weeks ago i had unprotected sex . 2 weeks ago i had COVID for 10 days. Now i have enlarged lymphnodes in necknand under the jaw. I have red throat for 3 weeks. 4th generation test at 28 days came back negative. Blood test are normal. My ASO titre os 500 . I m now on penicilin but its like 7 day and everything is the same. What else can i do to know why anibiotics are not helping me.
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How are you doing now? Swollen lymph nodes freak people out but we all get them. We are SUPPOSED to. It's our body fighting off infections or viruses. Having covid will do it. Not at all unusual to have a lymph node swell during an illness and it usually lasts for a bit of time after. It's a sign that your body is working. It's a GOOD thing.
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Hi. I still have swollen lymphnodes. They are reactive. But all my blood tests HIV CBC LDH and more are good. Dont know what to test more.
The point of my post was to tell you that reactive lymph nodes are normal and a positive. It can take six months for a reactive lymph node to go down and having covid or any virus like a cold could result in them. So, I wouldn't worry. Quit worrying about std's that you don't have. You are right, no more testing.
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