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Uncertain Finger Infection

I've recently seen the ring finger (4th finger) of my left hand become swollen at the finger pad and around the very sides near the fingernail (this was around four days ago).
The day after, it became larger and thus became painful, hard and uncomfortable.
It's difficult to curl it inwards, it hurts whenever I apply pressure on the swollen parts or try to stretch or curl it, it's strangely warm to the touch. I feel as if it about to burst on me.
I've googled and researched and came up with information on Felon; something I hope I am not diagnosed with, as I'm not in the position to do surgery (since that's the only way for Felon to be treated).
I am unsure what type of infection it is; warm, hard, swollen, uncomfortable, painful and also.. I have no idea how it came up?
I didn't jam my finger between any doors, no biting, no bending- absolutely nothing. I don't plan on being that kid in Year 7 who has a dead finger. (Apologies for not being of age, but I was in a panicking state and needed to know what's happening with me)
Any ideas on what it is? Or how to treat it, unless it requires surgery?
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Left untreated, there could be serious complications, eventually very serious complications.  

If home treatment by your parents does not solve the problem soon by reducing the symptoms, you will need them to help you visit a medical clinic or doctor for treatment, likely involving antibiotics.
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This is an infection -- perhaps a foreign body and at the very least need an antibiotic.
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Find a bottle  of hydrogen  peroxide  and soak  your sore
Finger in a cup full of it.  It should  bubble. Next tell a mom, dad, school nurse- someone  who can help you fix it up.  You didn't  do anything  wrong and whatever  it is just needs medicine to fix.  Stop worrying  over nothing
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