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Undiagnosed Ear, nose throat issue + stabbing breast pain

About 8 months ago now I started having a weird taste in my mouth. Then I started having these weird "micro pains" in my throat area and I was very fatigued. This subsided for a few weeks then came back full force beginning of November. I had intense pressure in my ears, "micro pains"/stabbing pains all throughout my throat, stiffness in my jaw and then every morning since mid-November I have blood in my nasal mucus when I blow. It also feels like there's something in my right tonsil area (not throat) and when you look at the back of my throat, the back has very tiny white "dots" (not tonsil stones, but more like white-ish pimples). Then, not too long after that I started having the same stabbing pains in my breasts, which is really concerning. The severity of my symptoms fluctuate, and the last 5 days it's back to the point where I can barely do anything I am so fatigued. Just to note, I really don't have much congestion, but I will have pressure throughout my sinuses.

I have had test after test and no one can tell me what's going on (endoscopy in September, nasal scope, xray, ultrasound of enlarged lypmh nodes in throat). Blood work comes back normal every time. I feel helpless because doctors keep having me chase around different doctors (GP --> ENT --> infectious diseases --> ENT).

I try to avoid having my mind go straight to cancer, but I really don't know what else would explain these symptoms. Does anyone have any thoughts? Could a bacterial infection in my tonsils or throat cause stabbing pains throughout other tissues in my body, like my breasts? I will say, I have avoided taking any antibiotics because I have had some really bad after-effects in the past. I don't want to take another round unless I know this is bacterial. I previously took a round of antibiotics after coming back from Cuba with digestive issues in September of 2017 and had stomach pains 2 weeks and my stomach has never been the same. I originally thought I had a parasite of some sort, but I think my body would have fought it off by now. I also think i'd have elevated eosinophils, which I don't have.
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