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Unsure if I should cancel my appointment over blood in my stool and ear pressures?

2 nights ago I noticed blood in my toilet tissue and stool, it was just a bit watery red and on the poop.
So I made a routine appointment with the gp clinic which is booked for next week.

Today and yesterday there's no blood, my stool looks fine, my anus does get a little itchy and feels wet sometimes, but no blood.
I still get pain in my lower back, numbness in my leg and butt sometimes but I'm ok.

I do get cramps in my lower left side, sometimes gets sore, but its only mild and comes and goes, green tea helps.
Pooing helps rid of the soreness and pain in my lower left side.

I had blood tests and physical exam on abdomen by doctor couple of months ago, blood test was normal.

I'm beginning to think its just hemorroids and anxiety playing up again.
My health anxiety does seem to play a lot with my mind, and I'm only 30y/o.

I seen blood there before, last year and last July, usually watery red, or dark streaks of red mucus.

I been wanting to tell about the pressure in my ear I still get and lightheadedness tension headaches and ringing that come out of the blue, it's usually mild and I feel it more with pressure in my nose at nights.

But I'm ok now. The feelings are really mild...
So I feel they might won't take me seriously or I'll forget things, or I'm wasting their time since there is nothing now...

Is it best to cancel and or carry on with the appointnent?
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So, the little bit of blood and itchy anus may be a hemorrhoid.  A little prep H fixes that right up.  I didn't know about the itching so much but my son had the itch and my husband knew immediately what that was!  This literally happened last week.  Same deal with a little blood and itch.  

Your ear pressure is something to watch not uncommon.  I had this terribly a few years ago because I had Eustachian tube dysfunction.  I also had dizziness and rining in my ears.  Mine went on for over a year.  But an ENT gave me the way to resolve my issue which was to hold my nose and blow which is a reverse ear pop.  Did it over and over and it cleared my ear.  

Anyway, sounds like you are on the mend. Did you keep the appointment or not?
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Sorry I didn't see your message earlier.
Yeah I kept it, the doc did a stool test and some medication for ibs. There was no blood this time, it was normal, she didn't think I have hemerroids but thought it might be anal fissures.

I didn't get my ears looked at though, since she had no time for 2 problems,  I'll try that reverse pop. I'm thinking of trying drops and see if that works.
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