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Vomiting when laughing hard

Since they were a few months old, both my kids got the hiccups immediately after any hysterical or repeated laughter.  If the laughing continues (not uninterrupted, they breath and talk in between) they will vomit.  Of course, then the laughter stops as it's very upsetting to throw up whatever they ate last.  It's not a huge amount usually, but now that my oldest is in prechool and nearly 4, I'm concerned about how this will affect her.  When we first noticed it and mentioned it to our  doctor, she assumed when my daughter's digestive system matured it would clear up, but obviously it hasn't.  My youngest (2 years) has the same issue.  Neither I nor my husband experiences this.  Please help.
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Thanks for the post! How are your children now?

The kids vomit after laughing due to GERD or gastro esophageal reflux. This is common in children. The sphincter between the food pipe and stomach is slightly weak, throwing the stomach contents up. Usually this goes with age. There are a few things you can do to avoid these episodes. Feed them with small frequent meals so that the stomach does not get too distended. Avoid long gaps between meals. Fried food and spicy food should be reduced to minimum. Avoid exercising and sleeping immediately after food. Give food at least an hour before bed time.

I think the 4 year old will be better in a year. The younger one will also settle soon. Please DO NOT WORRY! You can take a second opinion. Do let me know if there is any thing else. Take care!
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I dont have the answer to this. But I am curious about how your children are doing now. This happened to me all the time when I was a kid. I would get to laughing and get the hiccups first as a warning and then vomiting would follow.
I am not sure when this stopped but now as an adult, when I get to laughing to hard I cannot stop. And then I have a spell where to me it feels like I black out. According to my husband, my eyes stay open and I continue to laugh. This is sometimes followed by an overwhelming urge to cry for no reason. It is all very uncontrollable. A neurologist told me he suspected a rare seizure called a galactic seizure but I don't have insurance at the moment and cannot afford testing right now. The laughing spells are provoked. But then become uncontrollable to the point that the laughing hurts and no one is having fun but I cannot stop.
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