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Weird Neurologic and General Symptoms


I had a bone scan (early April) done to invesitgate a lesion on my proximal humerus which turned out to be benign (thankfully).  However, waiting for the test results caused me great stress and anxiety.  Within 12 hrs of the scan I began to have a tingling sensation in my calves and thighs along with fasciculations and jerking movements in my arms.  I felt very tired, had lack of coordination, and developed memory loss and general brain fog.  In the middle of sentences my brain would decide to stop functioning and there would be long pauses where I would search for the right word but not find it.  Reading and general concentration became difficult also.  

Since these symptoms were new (although I had had muscle twitching for about two years prior at a lower level), I became increasingly concerned.  I also developed a sensation of something wrapping around my throat making it feel like I would choke causing a visit to the ER.  The ER Dr. asked if I had my thyroid checked and wrote a referral for an ultrasound.  I went again to the ER for the same sensation a few days later.  While in the ER a second time they did an endoscope to see if there was an obstruction and there was none.  However the doctor did order a test for thyroid antibodies.

When I saw my GP he told me I had subclinical Hashimoto's with antibodies at 250 and a TSH of 4.33.  I then told him all of my symptoms and he told me to exercise for 6 weeks and if my symptoms persist to come see him.

I had done as he asked and they persisted and spread to other parts of the body (tingling and twitching).  New symptoms emerged during this time of night sweats, dizziness, warm sensations on the skin, bowel irregularity, extreme fatigue along with light numbness in the extremities, eye and joint pain.  What the hell was going on?

Upon seeing my GP again he recommended a brain MRI and more comprehensive blood work was done which indicated my TSH had since fallen (a month or so later) to 3.74 and my FT4 and FT3 were normal.  The MRI came back unremarkable.

I have lost roughly 15-20lbs since this all started (likely due to stress/anxiety and changing to a keto/anti-inflammatory diet).  My symptoms are worst when I have lack of sleep or not eaten very much.

My doctor thinks this is all anxiety but I would like to know your thoughts.  This has been weighing on me for some time.  I currently have no loss in strength or weakness in any of my muscles although I find fine motor control is more coarse now.

White male, 30, 145lbs, 5'9", sedentary job and lifestyle, no family history of autoimmune disorders, father recently had a mild heart attack.

I would appreciate your help and sorry for the long read.
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