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Why did one eye colour change from green to blue?

Hi I fractured my occipital skull bone as a child and required a corneal transplant later in life as a result. Then 20 yrs later I had a frontal lobe brain injury with post traumatic headache and other deficits which now 27 years later I still struggle with. The headaches and poor behaviour are devastating to me and subsequently 27 years later I am again sidelined from employment. I was successful and healthy between head injuries.  I am now going to challenge my insurer (NZ ACC) who stopped my entitlements because of the 1969 accident (pre-existing).  At some point after my second accident 1990 my left eye changed colour from green to blue.  The corneal transplant was on the right eye.  At impact in the 1990 accident I lost vision completely. It was black not brown there was no colour. After 15 minutes my sight returned and was blurry for according to medical records three days (seen by Doctor). Is there any research I can use to help my case as I need to establish ‘new evidence’ Thank you. Sue
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It's unclear why ACC stopped your entitlements.
The  preexisting '69 accident should have no bearing in your case.
I honestly don't know what is that they want now as "New Evidence".
It just sounds like they're using unusual tactics to get out of their obligations.

Everything you mentioned has to do with injuries you sustained  as a result of your accidents.

Here's what they don't cover (taken from their own website) :
Your injury must be because of an accident. We don't cover:

"illness or contagious diseases, eg measles
stress, hurt feelings or other emotional issues. This is unless they're linked to an injury we already cover
conditions related to ageing, eg arthritis
most hernias
injuries that happen over time, unless an activity at work is causing it
damage to items that don’t replace body parts. This includes hearing aids, glasses, pacemakers and gastric bands.
These are some of the common injuries and conditions that in most cases we don't cover:

if you have appendicitis and need an emergency trip to the hospital
you get skin burn from the sun, wind or snow
you have unexplained back pain that gets worse over time."

You may need  your health care provider to help you
with this challenge, so you can get this decision reversed.

If this is not enough or not possible, you may need to get in touch of a Law firm, which has experience in medical claims, to get your case resolved.

Best wishes,

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Thank you for your reply. My GP sent ACC an ACC18 yesterday using Post Traumatic Headache. He couldn’t use my last Neurologist suggested diagnosis of Traumatic Cognitive Depression because there wasn’t one an ACC code.  I have booked a Psychiatrist to help establish what is happening to me.  
I heard from my ACC Case Manager before the day was out! There is nothing they can do for me even knowing the Reviewer said I had a claim under Mental Injury.  I told her after I lost the Review, I went up to full time hours and eventually lost my job due to my poor behaviours.  I was cleared to work 24 hours and had Counsellor’s support for behaviour problems and worked flexitime for fatigue and migraines.  Sadly this was the first job I had held down since my accident.  My distress was so great about hearing there were behaviour problems I signed off my ACC (back injury) and ran away the District I live in. I was so humiliated! I didn’t stop to considering the consequences which of course was I lost my home. I ended up on the Invalid’s Benefit.  

My plan is to take my case to the Health and Disability Commissioner as I have no financial resources. God willing she will have the power to force ACC to act appropriately as they exited unlawfully.

I want accountability from ACC who wanted me back at work while I was still deteriorating and the Medical ‘Professionals’ who were consumed with the notion I had a concussion and who failed to act to interrupt my headaches (multiple types) which missed the window and become chronic and pervasive. Ironically my medical care worsened as time went on and my health improved.

Can you tell me why consumers are told to contact their Doctors if symptoms persist?  
I have noticed a few changes which worry me, tipping over, and falling since 2006 and now akinetic mutism where I can’t move or speak it’s only happened a couple of times but the last time it last 30 seconds and my family were frightened. I could hear them. I wasn’t processing the question I was asked. I was just stuck. Am I going to have a stroke? Or worse get dementia??
You didn’t answer my question about the change in my iris colour; is it possible that is trauma related?
Warm regards
I feel so sorry for what you have been put through and all of your suffering.

You are so right about the advice to contact one's doctor if symptoms persist

It is ironic that anything complicated that the immune system cannot resolve, in the hands of doctors it  usually worsens over time.
And in such cases I wouldn't consider years of  visits to doctors, tests,drugs
and so on with negative results for the patient as treatment, but rather as...Mistreatment!

The change of color in your iris is called Acquired Heterochromia and it
is almost certain it was related to
your injury.
I had to look this up, as I was not familiar with it.

On another note, you may want to have a serious look at Nutritional Ketosis for head/brain trauma.

My late mother  had suffered head and bodily injuries, following an accident which involved a very intoxicated young man, and left her
bed-ridden for almost a year.
I helped her start a modified Ketogenic diet, using virgin coconut oil, butter, some quality protein and
vegetables (very few carbs)
Perhaps, tough to stick with it, since it is rather extreme and it needs someone knowledgeable in nutrition
to make sure the patient gets additional necessary nutrients, not available through this diet, in quality

Anyway, long story short, she showed huge signs of progress within days into the ketogenic diet!
From being unable to focus, to formulate a simple phrase, suddenly she was able to communicate and hold a brief conversation.
Her mobility and balance improved
within weeks,  and was able to use her walker for a little while, each time-to the surprise of her doctors,
who had written her off and all they had done is prescribe maintenance drugs, for pain, headaches,insomnia etc.
She actually refused to take them!

In many cases of head injury, the membrane of brain cells get damaged, causing a big demand for
energy, however because of the trauma the brain is less efficient in using glucose as a fuel to do the necessary repairs and that's where the ketogenic diet comes in.
It supplies an alternate source of energy for the brain.
It is also anti-inflammatory, so it makes it perhaps a superior choice
of fuel for the brain, as it minimizes oxidation effects

If all this sounds too complicated, even if I tried my best to keep it simple, have a family member look at it and help you understand it.

There are almost no effective medical treatments for brain injuries,
so this approach deserves some attention.

Please let me know, if you need any further information and details.

Best wishes,

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I was exited from the serious injury division after 20 years. I have a brain injury with Post traumatic headache etc. I lost at a Review because of Dr du Plessis (the Report was subject of a complaint and was not suppose to be used).  My Advocate has passed away and I am now in receipt of his files. He did not Appeal. I need a mentor to help with advice and feedback as I file a complaint against ACC. I am also considering Medical Misdadventure. It’s 7 years later and I lost my job because of my behaviours (I was cleared for 24 hrs) and had to work full time with daily migraines.  Can you help please? I live in Mount Maunganui.
Thank you, Sue
Ps. My GP has lodged an ACC 18 today PTH he wanted to use Traumatic Cognitive Depression but there was no code.

Dear Niko Thank you again - you’re awesome taking the time to find the name.  I was alerted to the Ketogenic diet by Dr Angela Stanton in 2015 with amazing results. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reduce my high dose of Toprimate. I trialled reducing the dose by 50mg at night and the head pains (migraines and cluster) increased in severity and duratio tmy behaviour deteriorated. Then I went Imigran free for 14 days to see if I was overusing them. There was no change  for good or bad except I was very ill with nausea.   I did treat pain over 6 (pain scale 0-10) with Paradex.  Interestingly, Narcotics don’t effect my headaches at all, and I have never presented st Emergency Department. One of my Neurologists says I am in Status Migrainous!  I need to find a Neurologist who will look for what is actually wrong with my brain and help me move to the next level of wellness.  I don’t suppose you know some like that?
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