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brain tumor

Hi I am worried I have a brain tumor BC here recently for the past 3 months I have been really dizzy felt off balance am having short term memory loss and have a medal like taste in my mouth it feels like something is in my eyes like I have to keep closing them for it to go away I've been to an ENT doctor 3 times same one who said the first 2 times I had fluid in my ears and have me 2 steroid shots and I just recently for put on antibiotics due to the dizziness he said the things inside my nose were swollen. He said he thinks this will take care of my dizziness but I am so terrified its a brain tumor I've been feeling weak and shaky. Feel faint sometimes very tired feel like somethings in my eyes can't remember most things have tent ion headaches and back pain and have trouble slweping . And have medal taste In my mouth am I just freaking out over nothing or does anyone think I need to get checked for it I have anxiety really bad as well
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Thank u so much you are very nice and helpful (: I think I have health anxiety really bad and I've had 3 ear infections well middle ear infections for the past 3 months I really hope that's all it is just freaks me out lol what all did u do for yours ?
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Hi there.  Sorry to hear about this.  Sweeite, if they suspected a brain tumor or you were showing true signs of that, they'd begin investigating.  Headaches that are severe are common with a brain tumor as are things like losing some function and  memory issues.  Any of those things going on?

dizziness is much more common with middle ear issues.  that is where oru sense of balance comes from.  I had an awful case of vertigo or extreme dizziness and it was off and on for over a year.  Very disconcerting.  It was related to my ears.  apparently, some people have short bones in the ear which makes them more prone to this condition that I had.  I was taught to do something called a reverse ear pop which is basically you hold your nose and blow and it will pop your ears.  I was on a schedule and did it many times a day.  This really helped me.  

While I don't know for sure, I would think that your issue is much more to do with that,

Another issue that causes chronic vertigo is Meniere's Disease.  This is not common though.  They do try to do things prior to that diagnosis.  That's how I got on to the reversed ear pops given to me by a specialist to try.  (worked).  

So, I really would sincerely doubt you have any type of brain tumor and think so far that they've probably been right about the cause of the dizziness.  it can take time for this to get better.  Have you seen a general practitioner?  

Try not to worry as that helps nothing.  good luck dear
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