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nausea & vomiting, after Rt ovarian cystectomy & endometriosis

I am 23, married and on a low dosage hormone birth control (lo lestrin) to control reccurant and persistent ovarian cysts. During surgery the Dr found two small spots of endometriosis I believe in the outer wall of my uterus but did not do a full cavity search, he said it would be everywhere before it spreads. Surgery was August 2019 and seems successful. Following surgery however I have had chronic nausea and vomiting. Many mornings I wake up to vomit. Most times the vomit is clear, and looks almost greasy. I've noticed I cannot digest vegetables most of the time. As an example I had Pad Thai with bean sprouts on a Saturday afternoon, Monday morning (more than a day and a half later) I vomited only bean sprouts, completely undigested. Lettuce is visible in fecal matter etc. Nausea is worse in the mornings and late in the evening as well as any meals accompanying stabbing pain moves from left to right side just below belly button. Before all this I weighed nearly 100lbs (I'm only 4"11) and now I am close to 80. Hoping for advise, questions to ask my Dr and how to proceed. I have been tested for h.pylori and e.coli infections both came back negative. In the last few days I have had little warning before needing to urinate and barely make it to the restroom. Several times I have been unable to completely hold it and drip on the way. May be unrelated. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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Forgot to mention, often stool is yellow and loose (ofc the one time I did a stool sample it was normal) and I am rarely able to keep any food down, some times I vomit water a minute after drinking. I have been getting dizzy and noticeably shaky. I also currently don't have health insurance bit will be applying for assistance with my county.
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How did you know it was a cyst what was your symptoms? I’m currently going through the same thing but undiagnosed they want me to get looked at at my obgyn to see if it’s pregnancy or a cyst.
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