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peripheral neuropathyy, tingling and twitching

Hi all.

First post on here so please be gentle.

Around 3 months ago I started getting twitching all over my body, one place, then another. This twitching stopped when I moved the muscle involved. This symptom is, I think,decrrasing (maybe bfs??)

However, around the same time noticed I got tingling in my feet. I first noticed it in my right shin, before noticing it in my right and then left foot.

A few weeks after I felt odd sensations on the back of my hands and front of my arms as well as top of legs. The se minor itch you get wearing wool.

My GP got me to do some blood tests and everything came back normal (but I didn't ask for what I was tested for and what the specific results were).

I'm aware that an initial symptom of PN is tingling. However, I have no numbness or any other symptom (no weaknesses, perception of pain etc). They feel a bit like pins and needles, but not as severe as when you get a dead arm etc.

In addition, I'm aware that some PN start in the toes (don't really feel it there) before the feet and shouldn't affect both upper and lower body limbs at the same time. Therefore, does this suggest I don't have PN? I also don't get the twitching in my feet

Finally, I'm 33 and lead a full, active lifestyle and a average diet.

Basically, I'm wondering what this can be. Can it be PN? Or can you get tingling in extremists by BFS?
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I have had PN in both feet since 2005. It started in my toes, they were somewhat numb and hurt. This went on until 2010 and it was like someone turned on a light switch. My feet were numb, throbbed with pain. It was like I was walking on a bed of nails and razor blades and it has just got worse and worse, where I cannot walk a block I have to turn around and come home. My doctor has me on Dilaudid for the pain and Tramadol for the swelling. I also have type 2 diabetes. Usually diabetics get PN. The nerves in the feet are now damaged and there is no going back and repairing the nerves, once damaged they are done.
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Low vitamin d levels can cause tremors muscle spasms and tingling. Always ask for a copy of any blood work or test and keep them together in a file. Next up your vitamin d. Take several thousand iu of d 3. No side effects, but it takes at least a month to feel better. Look up symptoms of d deficiency... Insomina. Lethargy. Spasms . really who knew .... And drink more milk. Hope you feel better!!!
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