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scraped knee?

so i scraped my knee on thursday on concrete, not too deep though
however, i didn't wash it since i had school that day, i just kinda brushed some debris off. 4 days later, it scabbed. however, my right knee is taking much longer to heal than my right. its also oozing a tiny amount of yellow pus. is it infected? if it is, is it severe? do i need to go to the doctor?
heres a picture: http://qwerty26.imgur.com/all/
it kinda hurts when i gently press on it, and it feels slightly warmer, but that usually happens to me and i dont think its that much hotter than the surrounding areas
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I can't get to your picture. The website says It is over capacity or something like that. Pus is usually a sign of a bacterial infection. Check to see if you have a fever.  If you have a fever over 98.6 F but it would have to be higher 99 F to worry about it. Do you have any 3% topical hydrogen peroxide? If not perhaps a topical triple antibiotic ointment? If you have the topical peroxide pour it on and let it fizz and use a sterile gauze or bandage and just dab to remove the excess after it is finished fizzing. Then let it dry a bit and put on the triple antibiotic ointment by washing your hands and fingers dry with a clean towel then put some on your finger and very gently add to the area that is open. The area that isn't open leave alone. Cover the whole thing with a non-stick patch type bandage . Do this twice a day and see if it gets better in a couple of days. If you have a high fever or it gets worse see your doctor. That is my opinion. I am not a doctor.
take care,
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thanks, im not sure why the pic isnt working. even after i logged out, i could see it if i followed the link. maybe a server issue or something. anyways, thanks for the advice, but i don't have any of that. the pus isnt severe, probably just one or two drops.
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I still think you should follow the procedure above. You don't usually get any pus with a scab unless there is a bit of infection.
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