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unknown severe head pains

since i was 10 (I'm 16 now) i have had recurring pains above my left eye and in the centre of my head. there doesn't seem to be a pattern, but on average it happens every few months. my nan and my aunt both have the same thing, and i am not sure whether it is a diagnosable problem and whether or not i can treat it. it doesn't seem to be a migraine, as the pain only lasts a few seconds, however it has been too intense to even stand whilst it happens. i have never lost consciousness whilst this has happened either.
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I suggest seeing your doctor also. I have knew a person who was having severe headaches, which turned out to be very treatable partial seizures which were detected on an EEG. The test is painless, but must be ordered by a physician. (Usually a neurologist) With a family history of this type of pain, it leads me to think it's genetic.

Please keep us posted.
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You do need to get checked out by your doctor when you get these episodes.

It does sound very much like it may be a sinus issue.  Blocked sinuses can be very painful.

Steam inhalations can help with blocked sinuses.  
To do a steam inhalation, boil up a kettleful of water and pour this into a bowl, taking care not to get scalded.  Put some Vick or Olbas oil into the water.  Bend your head over the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a large towel.  Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this for 10 minutes duration and 4 days a day.  If you can't do this 4 times a day, 1 is better than none.

Book an appointment to see your doctor when the condition comes on.  The doctor will be able to examine whether it is a sinus or polyp issue and whether you need a referral to a specialist.
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