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what's wrong with me?

i'm a 16 year old female.

for the past few months i've been really tired/no energy at all, i have terrible headaches, trouble breathing, and since july my skin has gotten pretty pale (the photo i posted is me in july and a few weeks ago).
since about a week ago i've gotten more tired and have no energy..even when i do nothing all day. my headaches have gotten worse..for example, today my headache was so bad i lost my balance and got super dizzy. my breathing is hard to get a deep breath often. also, i noticed today when i took a "selfie" that around my mouth and under my nose is REALLY yellow. i don't eat carrots or anything like that so..

i've been tempted to go have my grandma take me to have bloodwork done..she's even thought about taking me, since she is anemic.

what could be wrong with me?
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Well Mikayla it could be you have anxiety or/and depression. I had a lot of the same syptoms I would get dizzy and lightheaded and felt faint. my breathing is so bad sometimes that I feel I can barely breath. I'm a 16 year old male so I know what u gonna through. Go get checked by a doctor and if there is nothing wrong with you physically then you might have anxiety and/or depression. and yes anxiety and depression can both make you think and have physically syptoms. wish you the best of luck, take care
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They could test you for Celiac disease at the same time to rule that out.  Celiac can cause anemia.  Also have an ultrasound of your gallbladder area.  

These things would be more common than cancer, thankfully.  
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That is an absolutely good idea to get your grandma to take you to the doctors to check your blood.

You have the typical symptoms of anaemia.  The yellowing that you have seen may be jaundice.

If you are not eating properly and not getting enough sleep you can easily become anaemic.  If you get heavy periods that can cause anaemia.  If you are missing menstrual monthly cycles, that can be due to anaemia.

With anaemia there is not enough red corpuscles.  These carry the oxygen around your body and your body needs to have iron to be able to produce red corpuscles.  This is why you are tired, feeling dizzy, pale and having a problem in getting a deep breath.

At home make sure you have a good healthy diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, dark green veg have iron, eggs, milk.  Kidneys and liver are full of iron, cereals are fortified with iron.

See the doctor as soon as possible so that he can arrange blood tests and examine you in the event you have any infections.
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