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Anybody had UTI like symptoms that come and go?

This has been happening to me for the last six months, approx one a month.  I will start to feel increased urgency to pee, then it will start to hurt when I do.  Next I'll feel constant pee urges that only produce a few squirts and are extremely painful.  This will go on for about eight hours.  Azo sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't.  I've gone in for urine tests that come back clean.  Most of the time I can't get in while the symptoms are happening, so it doesn't surprise me there's no problem found.  The urine usually doesn't have that funky UTI odor or appear particularly cloudy (I've had them in the past) although yesterday I started noticing very small red dots that could have been blood clots, I guess.  It's quite frustrating and very unpleasant.  I've had CT scans and a cystoscopy not that long ago and it came back negative.  Anybody else experienced this?
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It might be OAB (Over active bladder)  I would talk to a different urologist.  If they do a couple of tests and tell you to go away they aren't doing their job.   *Something I'm seeing a lot more of lately!   Be very direct and specific.  Explain the problem.  That you have no diagnosis or treatment and keep after them until you do.  

I had a serious issue with my blood pressure going wildly high and low and got one doctor who had me wear a holter for 24 hours and reported that my BP was fine.  *He only looked at the average not it peaking 220 - 70 systolic.  I had to have my GP dig up the actual readings.  I don't think I've seen her get mad before.  Anyway I went to a vascular surgeon who had labs done which all came out bad.  He tried to blow me off by telling me they weren't THAT bad.  I became a huge pain in the ass (My Blood Pressure was still going insane) and asked him what he was going to do?  Twisting his arm got me a CT scan that showed my abdominal aorata was nearly blocked which was causing the kidneys to go wacky and make my BP go nuts.  Anyway I decided Doc #1 was a fool or didn't know his job so I went to 4 others until the last one admitted that she wanted nothing to do with my case because it was difficult surgery which she thought was a lawsuit waiting to happen.  To which I say WTF???  Anyway I've got my BP under control with some seriously hard core drugs.  Its become insane.  Just keep at them and don't let up.  Its way easier for them to send you home then to do their jobs.

Anyone reading this Don't let them blow you off.  Don't fall for watchfull waiting. Don't find yourself driving home in your car thinking to yourself "What just happened?"
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