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Constant full bladder feeling/ irritation

Dear Dr.
I am a 44 yr old male in good health and not overweight. Approx. 5 days ago I began having an irritated bladder by which I mean it feels very uncomfortable and feels full most of the time even after urination. If I attempted to urinate every time I felt I need to it would be every 10-15 minutes but I know by the amount I drink when there is really something there or not. I do not have to get up in the night to go, I don't have a fever, do not have backpain, any discharge, nor do I have pain or burning feeling when urinating. Sometimes the discomfort feels like it is in the prostate area or deep in the colon. My GP did a prostate exam and said it seemed slightly tender but not inflamed. The urine sample was normal except high on the alkaline side. He did not prescribe antibiotics but recommended I drink lots of water and cranberry juice and see how it is in week. I am concerned I have a growth or something in my bladder that is causing this sensation. It seems to me that I do not have any of the usual symptoms of bladder infection or prostatistis yet have this intense irritation which, at times, is almost intolerable. Does this sound serious to you or do you have ideas as to what it could be? Thanks!
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From Diana641                                                                                            First of all, please know that I am not an M.D. and I do realize that your question was posted to a doctor. I am writing to you because I can feel your pain! What I have is Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome and whatyou are describing sounds just exactly how I feel also. I had a diagnostic test done under general anesthesia (hydrodistention of the bladder) so the Urologist could rule out all of these worries I had such as a growth or cancer etc. I know I am a woman and you are a man but men do get this also. I seriously HOPE that you do not have this problem as the doctors are now at the point of not helping me and it is very difficult to be a chronic pain patient(not that you are) It was years before I was  even diagnosed with this as I always went for tests for a bladder infection(always negative) then when the pain got sooo bad I went to the ER where they helped me ( but that was just a quick fix) Anyway you might want to ask your doctor if you could possibly have something like this? I feel confident that you will be treated better by the medical community just by the fact that you are aman(and that's just my opinion) IC hurts a lot but is not dangerous to your health. Hope I didn't worry you , but what you wrote just rang a bell to me. Hope the doctor writes to you soon! Best Regards,Diana641
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I 'm still waiting for a Dr. to respond. Please do. I am very anxious about this. Thanks!
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