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Discomfort in scrotum

I really hope someone can help me as I’ve been denied anymore referrals to my urologist.

Had vigorous, and quite frankly uncomfortable sex on 12/2 of last year. For the next 8 weeks, I had a red itchy scrotum, often with dull pain, and occasional burning after urination. Since 12/2, I’ve had 5 UAs, one of which was a 2 day culture, and all came back clean. At 9 weeks, I also had every STI test I can take, all of which are negative. 2 weeks ago, I went into my PCP and was prescribed fluconizole, followed by 2 weeks of turbenafine for a yeast infection. There’s been moderate improvement. Having still felt discomfort in my scrotum, I went back for a final visit last week and was told I was perfectly fine - again. Honestly it felt very dismissive. So now I’m trying to find some reassurance and have questions.

Do UAs pick up any/all forms of bacteria? Is it possible something might’ve been missed (ie NGU or another UTI related bacteria)?

Would it be possible to continue to have a yeast infection after 2 rounds of medication? If so, would a dermatologist be the next logical step?

I understand that I may have caused trauma to myself down below and that it takes time to heal. My urologist said it could take up to 4 months, but honestly, I couldn’t gauge the sincerity in what I was being told. I also realize that much of this could be mental too, and I’m taking steps to overcome that aspect. I guess I’m just looking for reassurance and what would be next logical steps. I’m sad, anxious, feel helpless and starting to feel depressed. All UAs clean, prostate checked twice and fine, tested my bladder to see if I was fully emptying and that was fine too. If someone could please share their thoughts with me, I’d appreciate it. I know my body and I know when something is not quite right :(
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