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Feels like I'm sitting in water and I have to pee 24/7...

It seems like over the last two month I've been having nothing but problems with my reproductive health. I'm a healthy 23 year old, although me stress level has been through the roof I'll just give a little background info of whats going on.
In Jan i went to see the gyno for a pelvic exam due to painful sex and the feeling of having to pee 24/7, literally everything came back fine. I then went back for my annual and still had the same complaint of painful sex and urgency  to pee 24/7 this June (i went to a free clinic not my gyno office - i lost my health insurance) they did the exam and claimed to find a yeast infection. I had absolutely no symptoms of a yeast infection what so ever...i was a little shocked but stuck with the diflucan treatment. But this urgency to go to the bathroom is still here! I feel like I have to pee 24/7 and sometimes its like water is on my underwear. Also note that I did not have sex with my fiancé because of that whole painful sex thing... so 2 weeks after treatment we tried it out and it was great...but the urgency to go is still around and hasn't gone anywhere. Well now since we have had sex last week, I've been noticing a lot discharge every morning and somewhat watery. I do not notice an odor. I'm really upset about this entire ordeal and have no idea if the yeast infection is back and why things haven't cleared up my urgency to go? Since noticing the discharge I've refrained from having sex due to slight paranoia. My boyfriend shows no signs of a yeast infection, but should I possibly ask him to get tested? He's a very clean and faithful partner...so I'm really not sure what to do? I just can't stand this urgency to go, its so uncomfortable and now the I have discharge of top of this since taking diflucan. I've never had any type of health issue in my life!
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I'm going to have this post transferred to the Urology Forum, I am hopeful they will have some insights for you. (This is a forum for pelvic organ prolapse and although a couple of the symptoms fit, because of your age and no mention of having any children I don't feel it is a POP issue. The discharge and pain are issues that do need to be addressed for sure. I am hopeful you will get some insights soon, hang in there!

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Thank you
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Frequent urination can occur due to a number of conditions. One of the commonest is excessive consumption of fluids/liquids. It is also common during the winters when one tends to sweat less and thus our body tries to compensate by making more urine. The second possibility is of a urinary tract infection.

However, it’s also a sign of Diabetes mellitus and will thus suggest you to get his blood sugar checked. It is usually associated with other symptoms also like excessive hunger & excessive thirst. Please get the urine analysis done as there’s another condition called diabetes inspidus in which the urine is not properly concentrated and thus more dilute urine is passed.

I suggest you to consult a phyiscina for this. I sincerely hope this information helps. Take care.

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Hi I was just tested for diabetes over 3 weeks ago and everything came back healthy, I'm now being asked to get a pelvic sonogram. I was wondering what this testing would be looking for, and what to expect when having the procedure done?
Thank you for the help so far
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