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Female Hypospadias

I am looking for some general answers. I have a friend not from the US who is in need of surgery in correcting a case of Female Hypospadias. It seems pretty rare and in her country her doctors told her there is a 50% success rate, and that if it fails there are some MAJOR issues that can arise. I was wondering if anyone knew if the success rate here in the US is better and can anyone give advise to me about where to find a doctor to help correct this. Last question since she is out of country I know it will be pure out of pocket expense for this surgery, if at all possible what would be the average for this type of surgery. I really want to help her and I would be greatful for any help that you can give.
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Do you have any information on it I'm pretty sure I have hypospadias can you still have sex if you have it, dose it cause any complications? By the way I&#;m female so I haven't been able to find anything
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