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Possible testicle damage testosterone

I have been squeezing testicles for a weed light/moderste/hard. For maybe 5-10-20 minutes every day. Ive read alot of people saying damage is typically only done when tetsicles are ruptured or intensenly swelled/brusied. In my case i have constant unconfortable feeling in tje testes afterwards but no hard pains. My question is- will light/moderate/hard squeezing affect testosterone production in a cumulative, micro way, or is it only after severe injury we speak of culmulative damage? I have not been able to get a erection at all after abstaining for a week, where normally i would get a erection of very little sexual stimulation after a week of abstinence
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There is no way we can know this.

If you suddenly can't get an erection, I'd get checked by a doctor if it doesn't improve within a few days.

Stop this squeezing. Why are you doing it?
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Weed=week. So would a week of light/hard squeezing of each testicle possibly cause permanent culmulative trauma on micro-level or not- or is it only after severe injury we speak of culmulative damage. Thank you very much for enlightening me
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