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Should I be worried about hematospermia and nodules 6 months after a vasectomy?

I had a no-scalpel vasectomy 6 months ago. Recovery seemed fine, though I had a bit of soreness for a week or so. Over the next few weeks, I experienced more soreness -- constant dull aches, but sharper if I stood up quickly after sitting. The urologist checked and said there was some "congestion" in the tubes, essentially, and prescribed Naproxen, which seemed to help. After a cycle of that and some time off, the aches returned. Eventually, I started to notice a small, pea-sized lump near the source of the soreness. I thought it was possibly a hematoma or sperm granuloma. The urologist prescribed another round of Naproxen. Helped the ache, but not much else. And eventually, several months in, I noticed a smaller nodule on the right side, as well, right about the time I noticed what looked like small amounts of old blood in my semen.

That was on and off. The urologist prescribed a 10-day cycle of Naproxen and Cipro. No apparent change. Blood still present most of the time (anywhere from marginally apparent to almost 20% of total fluid, anywhere from brown to bright red.

Everything else functions normally, and there's no pain other than the soreness.

Waiting to hear back from the urologist, but it's been 6 months, so I'm losing faith. Any thoughts?
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