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Torn tunica albuginea (not sure if considered penile fracture)

A month and a half ago I had an injury to my erection that caused sharp pain and quick loss of my erection. Immediately after the event I noticed the formation of two semi circumferential bumps across the shaft of my penis.  I went to urgent care the day after I injured myself, and although they could see the lumps no scans were ordered because I did not have the gross bruising and eggplant deformity you typically see with penile fractures.  

When flaccid I can feel the tissue underneath the skin and it feels coarse in the area where I have the bumps, I can also roll the skin over these lumps and the lumps do not move (rolling sign?).  

I have seen several urologists since this incident and upon feeling the lumps most say that it is likely I had damaged my tunica albuginea, but there is no active intervention they can do to repair it.  One said It's likely I had a small tear in my tunica albuginea, but since there is no gross busing and deformity there is nothing to be done.  

I have sought help from various doctors, but the general consensus seems to be if it's not purple it's not a problem, and I was told there are no scans to rule out a torn tunica albuginea, only surgery (degloving) which is not warranted and at this point it's probably too late for.  One said there is no use since it's past 48 hours, that is the window for medical intervention.  

After seeking the help of several doctors, I decided to wait and see how it heals, but it has been 6 weeks and things have neither improved nor gotten worse.  

Every medical study I have read regarding penile fractures seem to indicate prompt surgical treatment is required to minimize the risk of permanent damage and erectile dysfunction, but no doctor I have visited was even interested in further investigating this or doing an imaging scan to either confirm or rule out a tear.  Actually, I had a PA order a urgent ultrasound, but it later turned out that there is no protocol for doing imaging scans of the penis in a non emergency setting.  At least not with my healthcare provider.  I was told any scan is unnecessary because it will not change the treatment plan.

Is it possible to have a penile fracture without getting the gross bruising and deformity of the penis?  
Is it possible to have a minor tear to the tunica albuginea and for it to fully heal itself without surgical repair?  
Can one bruise their tunica albuginea?

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I feel for you brother.  sounds like the dr was not very reassuring but at least  they didn't freak out and immediately want to do surgery seems like a good sign.   It can take about 6-8  weeks to heal an injury to the tunica so be patient.  might be okay in the long run.  

can you post an update.  I had a similar injury about a week ago .  did not hear a pop or have sudden loss of an erection but does hurt when I get an erection now.  

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Not much has changed.  I still have the bumps and it's been over 8 weeks.  I have some moderate ED, harder time getting and maintaining erections.  I have seen 5 different urologists, but not a single one has been interested in getting to the root of the cause.   Had a doppler ultrasound, but that didn't tell much as I wasn't able to maintain an erection after getting injected for it.  
Dude has yours healed. I hear that it sometimes takes month for healing. Please help im scared. Should i worrie as mych. Will it heal. What can i do.??
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I have the same problem. After rough masturbation with very hard grip (stupid) semi circumferential lump appeared in the middle of shaft. Its visible in flaccid and while erect it creates area which is not expanding entirely (dent). It's immovable.  I'm worried that it's early phase of Peyronie disease - because it feels like a scar but no yet calcified. I was at doctor one month after accident and he reassured me I probably did some trauma to tunica albuginea but it should heal. It's already 6 months and it doesn't seem to fade away. I'm very depressed and just want to go back in time and never do such a stupid thing :(
I have the same problem. Did yours end up healing? It has been 3.5months for me.
Have u bin able to fix it any updated?? Im scared as hell right now i got it the same way u did. No pain and did not loose my erection asap. Please help is there something i can do.
Lol we’re all commenting years later.  I guess I’ll continue the thread.  Any improvement?
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I have the exact problem as yours, similarly due to a trauma. I accidentally bent my penis downward and hard cord-like vein appears from the base up to the middle of the shaft and branches to the left side of my penis. I have no deformity or swelling like yours, but I do notice the skin of my penis gets slightly darken. The enlarged lumps are visible both during flaccid and erection, if I rolled the skin over these hard bumps they would not move (rolling sign). These vein bumps are giving me a mild burning and itching pain which gets worsen during an erection.

My penis now bends/twists inward along the left side of my shaft, not a curve of the penis, more like a curve in the penis. It starts from the mid-shaft all the way up to the top my penis head. It's been a month since the incident and I haven't seen any improvement yet. I'm pretty sure I injured my tunica albuginea causing the veins inside to rupture.  :(
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I sustained a similar injury 20 days ago after masterbating. I didnt really notice any pain until after I ejaculated but once I did, I felt pain in the right side of my penis. At the base. No blood in semen. Didn't hear a pop sound and there was no hematoma. Although I did notice 2 bulging veins eminating from the top right base of my penis and splits towards either direction, and my penis looked slightly angulated towards the right. I do have nocturnal errections, but I don't notice them as I am sleeping but sometimes I wake up with one and it doesn't feel as strong as it once was. And once I get up to check it goes away. So I am having trouble getting and maintaining an errection. I haven't tried to masterbate or stimulate myself because I don't want to injure myself further. No difficulty passing urine but sometimes after I urinate, it feels like some doesn't pass and stays inside my penis and when I sit down, a little bit comes out. I went to ER about 40 hrs after,and was examined by a PA-C and he said everything looked alright to him but said I should see a urologist. Prescribed me acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Tried to make apt with their own urology department but they were booked til a month out. Finally went to a see a different urologist yesterday and he examined my penis and said it may have been a minor penile fracture or a blood clot. Basically told me to come back in 2-3 weeks for an ultrasound if it doesn't improve on its own. He didn't seem too concerned about my issue. As for me this has been on my mind constantly. Guess we're all in the same boat here...
Any improvement here?  I’m in a very similar situation with pretty much your exact symptoms.
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