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can pulling inflated cather damage my bladder?

2 Years ago i was hospilized because of overdosing on carbamazepine, i was in coma for 36 h
when i woke up i felt uncounfortable so i tried to pull the cather when it was inflated cause of my ignorance
i'm not sure how much i pulled but more than 1 cm that's for sure maybe 2 cm; till the nurse came in and did it the right way ,
they released me out after 2 days in general i spent 4 days only in hospital , the first 10 days out of the hospital i was peeing blood and very painfull peeing with some small blood clots,
the pain went away after 10 days , i felt so normale for 2 months
UNTIL , i had sex with prostitute no condom , i was still stupid i know -_-'
2 days after having sex i start to feel symtomps of infection :
testicles pain , burning urinating , sore throat , discharge ect..
went to the urologe did all tests , he gave me doxy for 10 days i felt better after 2 days
when i stopped it symptomps came back after 6 days
i went back to him and every time he gave me new test and new anti biotic
RESULTS : came back negative
i went to 2nd urologe and did more test i found out that i have MRSA in my sperm
gave me "gentamicin" injection i felt good for 7 days, when i stopped the injection symtopms came back ..

for the last 2 years i have been having diffrent symptoms from time to time :
tingling , needles , wierd feeling in my urethra and bladder and top of the penis
ALSO i did ultrasound , urethra scanner , neck of the bladder ,prostate is not enlarged , full SCANNER , nothing is WRONG !!

i'm suffring from pain in the bladder which i feel it's on the neck of the bladder , with heavy testicles sometimes ,
and the flow of my pee is like " X " i showed it in video to the doctor and he said it's normale
so BOTH DOCTORS said it's on my HEAD !
i know i have anxiety , stress , and depression but this can't fit in my mind !!

what should i DO ?
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Im not a Dr., and even if I were, I’d prbly want to examine you in person & order some tests. But since you’ve already had tests & scans, I’m not sure there’s much more to find out. I do think pulling on the catheter could’ve irritated the bladder neck, which could explain your symptoms. However, since that was 2 yrs ago, I would think that should pretty well be healed by now. I do think it’s possible there’s a psychological component to this as well. My advice would be to continue to see Dr’s, especially Urologists  hopefully they can get to the bottom of this...

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thnaks for the reply ; i had a headaches before 5 years ago (now i'm better) , and my phyicatrist said it's psychosmantic which mean's all in my head ' stress caussing it " this could be well explain this situation aswell ;
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Do you drink a lot of caffeine? That can be really irritating to the prostate, which could be causing a lot of your symptoms. If you do, eliminate that and drink more water, and see if that helps.
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Yes - coffee can irritate the prostate & drinking more water is almost always beneficial to the genito-urinary system - for both males & females. Coffee never bothered me in that way (as far as I could tell), but it could for some people...
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