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chronic urethritis

hi, after a year of suffering i finally found out what was causing my frequent urination. i got it when i was 19 and now im 20 years old. during those early symptoms of tingling, burning during urination and frequent urination, i was given antibiotics that was suppose to cure whatever it was causing it. well it didnt, and i suffered a lot from it. the antibiotics i took were azithromycin, oflox, cipro, and last doxy. all of them for 1 weeks 2 a days except for the azithromycin which was taken only once of 1g i believe. now after taking all this antibiotics, i still had frequent urination which was really crazy to the point i was thinking of killing myself. my quality of life was certainly diminished and took everything away from me. doctors now said i dont have any infection what soever since they said i took all this antibiotics already. i had everything done from ultrasound, prostate check up twice, all of it.. except the cystoscopy which i would not even consider. then after months and months i couldnt take it anymore and had the cystoscopy and the doctor found that i had urethritis! my urethra was infected he said and that my bladder and kidney are sore and tightened from all the urination ive been having. to my relief i was very happy that they have finally found out what was causing my frequent urination. now the doc gave me 3 weeks of doxy for it.. now my question is will the 3 weeks of doxy work if i already had them before for 1 week which didnt work? please reply i would appreciate any help. thank you!
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Chronic urethritis is usually caused by a bacterial infection or structural problem that leads to narrowing of the urethra. Causes could be bacteria like E.coli, STD’s like Chlamydia and personal hygiene products. Take the antibiotics as prescribed and get a follow-up urinalysis or culture done after you finish all of the medicine to make sure the infection has cleared. Do not indulge in intercourse till that time.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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yes ty. but you didnt answer my question hehe..i took a week of doxy before which i forgot to inform my doctor and he prescribed me 3 weeks of doxy. will doxy still work on me then? or will i be immune to it?
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I've had multiple rounds of doxy (and others) for chronic urethritis and painful bladder syndrome, it hasn't worked yet. I just posted a question about biofilms on the board, there could be some hope in that theory. Good luck!
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I think the body get amuned to Doxy after a couple years of taking , I switched over for that reason
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