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have to go!

I'm in my early 60's taking PTU for a thyroid condition.  I work outside delivering door to door. After voiding at home, I get an urgent need to urinate often within an hour that increases and if I don't stop to find a WC this can lead to burning pain and a small squirt of urine.  This seems worse on cold days.  I go frequently at home, urgently on waking and sometimes through the night.  (I'll have to curb my coffee intake!)  My wife has been in hospital for a basket extraction of kidney stones and got a bad UTI.  She had cipro for a while but still isn't well a month later.  Today her urologist saw her and tossed her some detrol and scheduled her for lithotripsy (Her case is another whole story.)   The timing of my symptoms made me wonder if I caught her bug.  Her urinalyses have been normal since the cipro and mine was too despite the urine being strong smelling and dark yellow.  Could this be a virus?  Are there tests for viruses I should get?  I had a small shingles like rash that cleared up in 4 days.  As I read this forum, it looks like a prostate exam would be a good plan too.  Any other suggestions?  How about electrolytes?  gatorade?  I started drinking this today and feel a little better.  
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Before a prostate exam, a urinalysis will be able to help. Milking the prostate for a culture may also help rule out any underlying infections. A complete physical examination by a physician including a rectal and prostate examination will help determine any irregularities or enlargement of the prostate. However, an enlarged prostate may usually present with straining during urination or dribbling and decreased flow of urine.In your case you have also mentioned of a burning pain and increased frequency.These points to a more irritative condition that may suggest an infection.Cold weather, coffee, increased fluid intake may also contribute. However, continue taking adequate amount of fluid since dehydration may also aggravate your condition.

A bacterial cause first have to be ruled out although viral causes may be possible.

Do keep us posted.
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Thanks for your comments.  Here are some more symptoms that may point to a virus too.  Even though I often had a runny nose while out in the cold, I had nosebleeds a couple of times and I have very dry skin.  This morning, I am aware of dry mouth and eyes and mild discomfort in my kidneys and lower back.  It is extremely dry here now so I'll keep a kettle on for a while.  Since last night when I started the gatorade, my water problems seem better but I'll have to see how it is in the cold.  I like warm drinks so I'll try boiling water with a little gatorade for a while instead of coffee and water or ginger ale.  My wife asked for more gatorade this morning and says she feels better with less irritation and is in a much better mood too.  I'll have to read up on mucus membrane.
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