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penile and prostate tingling

I have a history of kidney stones. I just had one come out of my system a few days ago. After that I had a few blood clots. It did seem like there was tingling leading up to the clots coming out. It also seemed odd that there was a main part of the clots and then they kind of had tails on them. Even after I rinsed them with water, it remained the main clot and the tail. Not sure if there is another stone that followed and is stuck, but I have tingling every minute or so that happens in the tip of my urethra, inside, and also tingles in what feels like my prostate. It lasts for a few seconds then goes away. Happens every minute. My penis overall is quite sensitive right now. I've urinated about 5 times since the last clot and no blood or anything, unless it's microscopic.

I'm not sure if there is another stone rattling around or if I might be having some blood clotting issues that kind need to seek help for.

Also are there any medications that could assist?
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Forgot to add, I'm 28 years old.
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Just an update - this was further kidney stone pain from being stuck near  my prostate, not blood clotting. Was able to pass the stone.
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