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recurrent UTI following intercourse

I suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections after having intercourse with my boyfriend.  I follow all the tricks - from the cotton panties to cranberry juice and I make certain to void my bladder immediately after intercourse, but I still get infections. Sometimes 2 a month! I have visited a urologist in the past who after conducting several tests could find no physical reason for the infections and have only been able to convince one family physician to try the prophylactic antibiotics which worked well.  I have an appointment to see a new physician at the Mayo Clinic, but that is weeks away and I am getting worn down with the constant treatment for these recurrent UTIs. What are my treatment options?  What is the best way to prevent recurrent UTIs when all the tricks don't work?  Thanks!
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Thanks for the info.  I have had a urine culture done each time and they are always reported with "no growth."  The recommendation by the urgent care physician is to complete the antibiotics as prescribed.  Is there a different test that they can determine what the organism is to make sure the antibiotics are more effective?  My last STD panel was negative, but I don't believe I've ever done a test for fungal infection.  I will ask my Dr. about that when I go in a few weeks. Again, thanks for your insight.
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
What you need is a urine culture and sensitivity test done. Next time you have this problem, please go to a laboratory and get your urine tested for infection. You can also give it for culture and sensitivity in a sterile bottle. This will tell you what organism is causing the infection and what antibiotic will kill it permanently. Please do not take any antibiotic without this test because if the organism is not sensitive to the antibiotic, it will only sit quietly for some time and then flare up again.

Another possibility is that it is a STD. Please get a STD panel done too. Rule out fungal infection too.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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