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wondering how would you know you have damage from priapism?

Took some enhancers at high doses
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Hey guys im 21 and took some chinese enhancement pills at high doses called black ant king but at really high dosed when im only suppose to take one each time. First time i took three at once and the other times i took two at once. Stupid i know and this really have me depressed. I think i had a priapism for 16 hours the first time i took three at once. Went to a urologist who just examined me with his hands and said i have no damage and dont worry about the dosages i took just dont do it again im scared because the fda said they contained sildenafil. And i thiught they were all natural. And after i took them the instructions are online it says never go kver one pill every 24 hours. The urologist said for a young man to have damage from priapism is has to be a really long time like more than 40 hours is he correct?
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