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Why not take my uterus out?

My history is heavy periods, clots, anemia and pain. Now my pain is not just limited to my cycle but constant back pain, bouts with constipation, stomach pain bloating, and naturally I'm weak a good part of the time. I've stopped running and biking cause it just wipes me out. I still try to exercise 30 minutes a day. I'm almost 43 and done with having kiddos. My dr found a 3 cm tumor or growth and did a Intrauterine biopsy which came out benign. He scheduled d&c and exploratory surgery. I asked WHY NOT TAKE THIS UTERUS OUT? He said because the biopsy is  "blind" biopsy he still has to rule out cancer. And the only way is to remove tumor and go through pathology again. I still don't think he answered my question: WHY are we leaving the uterus in?  A: If its cancer....get it out! B: If its not cancer....what is the chances these things wont grow back and go through this again? I'm confused. Plus this is going to break me financially just to dig around in my body. All with the chance this process may repeat itself 1, 2 or 3 years later. HELP me understand this please.
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