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Vitamin Defiency

I had a gastric bypass about 6 years ago. I was doing fairly well, lost 135 pounds, and just gained about 15 or so from my all time low. I get a lot of protein, don't drink soda etc.Also had a neck surgery about 7 years ago and I use a fentynal patch 12 every 48 hours.  Recently I was super tired , bad headaches, muscle tremors brain fog - just alot of aliments!  I had a complete blood tests - vit D hydroxy was 22.6 ng/ml. Also my Vit B12 was 411 which isn't super low but still a concern. Because of the way my instestines are now- I can not asbord the vitamins I need. So I have to take mega doses. Currently I am taking the following: 220, 000 iu of vit D PER WEEK. Also lots of B1, and B12, magnesium complex, glucosamine MSN and collagen. I also take RX of sertraline (zoloft) Gabapentin and trazadone to sleep. So please anyone comment with suggestions or any help!
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Welcome! Congrats on the weight loss. That's quite a dosage of vitamin D! How long have you been taking the supplements? Have they helped? I'm currently taking 7000iu per day. My body wasn't absorbing enough and my levels kept dropping. Its such a frustrating deficiency. It take a long time for the body to get back to normal (Im going on 5 months now and the symptoms vary day to day). You should also try to add some vitamin k in. I've been reading up on it and it's great in aiding absorbing the D. I hope your body will take it in! I Think my b12 is low too, I'm in the lower 300s so I've been taking that daily also. Good luck and keep is posted!
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Lie in the sun and absorb as much vitamin D as possible, if you know what I mean
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thank you. I know it is just so my things to take and I have brain fog so that isn't helping. I think Im taking some k. I'l have to check. Do you have the malabsorbtion problem?
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Yes I do try to get in the sun. I worship the sun in the summer which is why I think I just got the problem this winter!
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I take sublingual B12 spray daily for autoimmune pernicious anaemia (cannot absorb vitamin B12). Look for sublingual forms of vitamins and minerals to bypass your gut. Check out Vitamist which have a lot of sublingual products.  Dr Mercola also sells vitamin D and vitamin B12 and melatonin in sublingual spray.
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Thanks. I am beginning to get some alertness and more energy back. Still have tingling in hands and calves are jumping.  I do take the liquid B12. I will have more blood work done at the end of the month to re check my levels.
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