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Weight gain after 2 surgeries? Considering LAPBAND procedure? Help anyone...

Hi everyone, I have had 1 surgery 2007 and gain about 40 lbs. Had another surgery 1 year ago and gain 40 more??? I got really depressed recently don't want to go anywhere. I feel ugly and fat. Loss of energy but feel like I want to get out there and be free (just a free feeling)? Very weird? I'm tiered of feeling this way... I want to change be happier for myself. I have a supporting husband 2 gorgeous kids. Funny by the way! I want to lose weight to feel healthy, emotionally better! My weight flutuates around 220-255 lbs. I'm 5' 6". This is my biggest weight ever. My mom has diabeties, high blood pressure & she is over 260. My family loves me no matter what, but they want me to be healthy and live longer. I'm considering the LAPBAND procedure. Do you think it's a safe procedure?
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Weight loss surgery is a big decision.  You want to make sure that you have a consultation at an experienced center that will be able to help you determine what the best procedure might be.  I think that the best centers have a multidisciplinary approach, with nutritionists, counselors, and medical doctors in addition to surgeons.  There are pluses and minuses with each procedure.
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Could the surgeries have caused the weight gain (I mean from a medical perspective)?

It sounds safer than many of the other more invasive procedures but then it also carries risks.  You could check out the bariatric surgery expert forum for other members experiences.

Aside from making incremental behavioral changes (there are some tips on how to do this on the doctor's blog) and maybe checking out the emotional eating expert forum I would recommend psychotherapy to help you address the underlying issues behind the eating.  Most people overeat for a reason.  The surgeries could represent something for you.  Pain, loss??  ??

I would also suggest you see your doctor about accessing practical interventions.  It could be that seeing a dietitian, etc could help you move in the right direction.
This may help you gain valuable information that you can share with your family.  Get your family on board.
I expect any weight loss would help with your mood but I would discuss depression with your doctor also.

Sorry for the information overload.  I know it wasn't specifically what you were asking for but I think making lifestyle changes is the better solution.
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Yah, it has been very hard for me to change. I have tried numerous things. I have been to a dietition before and I get board so easily. Can understand why? I have tried changing my diet, worked out and done great. That was in 2003-04 and lost 60 pounds. One of my accomplishments. Then I had emergency surgery for a appendicitis and gained it slowly plus more! I was still happy and modivated. I have always been active person. Now I have been less active than before. I've had 4 surgeries in total. I do think I need some sphycological therapy. There is deep issues I need to help sort out. What is so weird about this situation is that almost everyone I know I have help with some issues with advice, but I can't help myself?? That's funny to me... I'm great with everybody else but myself. I just have to put myself first now. I will ask my doc on all the info that you have given me, Thanks a lot for sharing your views... I really appreciate it.
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Bored or overwhelmed?  There are so many different and exciting things you can do with food, often it is just a matter of getting creative.
It is also easy to get overwhelmed with weight loss when you feel your goal is so far away.  Maybe try setting yourself some smaller, short-term goals.  Maybe even reward yourself along the way.

What is different now?  If you have successfully lost weight in the past with time, patience and support you'll get there again.  Don't sell yourself short, you can do it!

I know what you mean.  I can give advice too but I am far less objective when it comes to my own situation.  I find it frustrating.
I think maybe it is easier to give others advice (or even criticize them) than to look long and hard at our own lives.

My view is that surgery is extreme and should be used only as a last resort.

To me it sounds as though you need more intensive support or someone to keep you accountable on a regular basis.

I can relate to your situation and I would really hate to think that surgery was the only option left.

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