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Lipotropic injections and Sulfa Allergy

I have a question about people who are allergic to sulfa and their ability to get lipotropic injections, specifically methionine. I read on one website (that's the only place I've seen it) that you can't use methionine w/ sulfa allergy. Methionine does have sulfur in it, but it doesn't seem like it is the same as sulfa medications. I say this because there is sulfur in many foods that we eat on a regular basis and people who are allergic to sulfa meds can eat these foods. Is there anyone out there who can answer this question with specific technical info? Thanks!
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I am not sure that I can answer your questions but I can tell you that I had to go off of the Injections because I am allergic to sulfa.  I was having some strange symptoms on my legs and arms.  Blotchy red and purple.  I was also having some wheezing.

I think that anyone with an allergy to sulfa should look into using the amino acids in the injections.  the b-6 and 12 are o.k.

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Hi! I have a severe allergy to sulfa also, but the sulphur that is in foods is not related to the sulfa that is contained in medications. That is why there isn't a problem eating sulphur in foods. If certain injections contain sulfa, I would stay away and not take the chance. Cheers!! Heidi
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I work at a walk-in clinic and have been a patient here for years.  I noticed every time I got Lipotonix my face would break out like I had hives.  One of the nurses found that you can order Lipotonix without Sulfa - I am enjoying all the benefits without the ugly red face.  LOL  Check it out.
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I am allergic to Sulfa and I had a severe reaction to the Lioptropic shots. I ended up in the ER. It took 3 injections before I broke out but when I did I had hives all over my body and felt like I was burning from the inside, out. The itching was horrendous. I did not do proper research prior because I believed the clinic when they assured me there was no sulfa in them. I waited 2 weeks and decided I’d give the shots another chance since no one, including the ER, thought the shot was the cause of my reaction. Well in exactly 48 hours I broke out again. I did my research and found no less than 3 websites that stated “people with an allergy to Sulfa, should take these shots”. Methionine has a by product is sulfa and not everyone that has an allergy to sulfa will have a reaction. Just guess I was one of the lucky ones lol.
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