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I have pcos and have had cramping, bloating, and pain for over a week. last period in June, pregnancy test neg. what could cause all this?
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hi...sorry,i'm not sure the answer to your question but i have a question if you can answer it. I thought that I could maybe have pcos. I haven't had a period since july of 2009. What were some of the symptoms of this condition?
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PCO IS WHEN YOU MAKE CYSTS ON YOUR OVARIES. Symptoms can be bloating, feeling full, diarrjea, constipation, congested feeling in the pelvis, fatigue, irreg periods and hormonal upsets, infertility...  I have lived with PCO since I was 16 .  I am now 48.  I have been mis diagnosed as having gastritis, IBS and more thru out the earlier yrs.  Go to your gyno have a sonogram.  Back then all they did was wait for it to get big enough to do surgery about 5CM or larger.  Some Drs. placed patients on bith control.  Now Glucophage is giving which works well for most.  I have also had back pain and leg pain and shoulder pain when the cysts became large.  I have had several laporoscopies and cystectomies.  Which now caused adhesions and forced me to have a bilat oophorectomy.  All you can do is have a sono and ask the Dr what to do and keep tract of your cysts. Good Luck
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