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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and RPOC

Community - I come to you once more as I have no idea what to do anymore and I am on the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. The fact I am anaemic is a certainty, considering just how much blood I have lost between now and the 13 October.

I made a post a few weeks ago talking about abnormal uterine bleeding and having the copper coil at the same time following a surgical termination. I went for a scan last Monday and turns out I have had RPOC that were 2.2cm in size (went down in size by a double, scan on 18 October showed 4.9cm) and this was the reason of the abnormal varied uterine bleeding that went from gushes of blood predominantly to a moderate period flow to spotting. Over the course of last week, I bled quite heavily and passed clots thinking that was it and the bleeding would end but unfortunately it continued to be sporadic and I went on tranexamic acid on Saturday with my last day being today. I had a heavy bleed on Saturday but since that evening, the bleeding calmed down and resembles spotting/breakthrough bleeding. I also stopped taking norethisterone on Thursday after having the coil removed.

Yesterday I passed some weird tissue that did not look like a blood clot and the bleeding definitely subsided since then but it is still here. Could I be on my period after norethisterone? I have no idea if I have ovulated or what is going on because the bleeding has been non stop and I am severely depressed and wiped out as a result. I have been eating a lot of iron rich foods to try and make myself feel normal again as well as being signed off work for a week.

Would going on the combined contraceptive help the situation, too? Has anyone had experience like this before?
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I would suggest seeing your Ob/GYN rather than getting answers online. There could be something wrong with your uterine that needs to be checked with another sonogram.
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CarlBruce, thanks for writing in, it's always good to get more ideas about the problems people write about in the forum. In the posts above, you can see that the poster says she has indeed been seeing her ob/gyn throughout about this problem, and having scans. At the time, her next one was scheduled for yesterday (as she notes above). Sometimes even when people are seeing their doctor and it seems they are getting proper medical advice, they write in not to "get answers" but to make sense of their situation or talk with someone who has had the same problem or to see if people think the doctor is on the right track.  In ronnie's case, she kept bleeding, and on November 15 went to the ER, and she got an emergency D&C. You can find her story on a post she wrote dated November 15 by clicking on her avatar name.
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Has your ob/gyn suggested having surgery to remove the rest of the retained products of conception? Because you'll probably just keep bleeding until it is out of there. Yes on taking iron, not just iron-rich foods but an iron supplement, with vitamin C.
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And, if it was the retained products of conception that came out yesterday, that might even mean you don't need to have a D&C to clear it out. If it is all out, the bleeding should stop over a few days.
Hello again! So the gyn did say that if it does not come out by itself by the 6 December (which is when my next scan is), I will have to have a D&C to remove it. The tissue that came out Monday was different to a blood clot and looked more pale grey/purple. I had very little bleeding since then but I don't know if that's also partially due to the tranexamic acid which I have stopped taking today, so I am hoping that the bleeding won't return full blast.

I am currently not on any contraception either now, so the bleeding I have which is very light pink could be just the end of my period which I could have had after stopping norethisterone. It's all so confusing not knowing what is happening within our bodies!!

I am taking an iron supplement with vitamins and other minerals as well as eating plenty of iron rich food. I'm going to get an iron supplement with vitamin C, too. Also just sleeping loads to regain my energy.
Also forgot to mention that over the weekend, particularly Saturday when I had a really heavy bleed I was cramping loads and passing clots but then the tranexamic acid started working I think and made the bleeding turn into a moderate flow and Monday evening is when I passed the strange tissue looking clot.
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